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Gove and Labour's Brexit Secretary Kier Starmer as well. Join me now on


BBC Two. Tonight, the professor


who says it is possible for parents to spot groomers -


if they know what to look for. And Rob Howley on the eve


of naming his Six Nations squad. Is it time for him to


pick the young guns? The online sex abuse of children


is an ever-increasing crime, and targeting youngsters


while they play games or use social media


is reaching an alarming high. That's according to an expert


at Swansea University who's studied the behaviour


of online predators, and now plans to publish


new advice for parents. The professor says it is


possible for parents to spot groomers if they


know what to look for. Caroline Evans has


this special report. REPORTER: A judge has warned a man


from Merthyr Tydfil who groomed children on the online computer


game Minecraft that he is facing He was caught by police as


he booked into a Bridgend hotel Two shocking examples where children


in Wales have been groomed online. This paedophile was given


a ten-year sentence, Lessons like this now take place


in schools up and down Wales. But in this ever-changing


world, we must all learn. So how do parents tell


if their child's online The clues are there,


says this professor in Swansea - The academics here studied the


chat logs of 200 online groomers. What they found was,


she says, unexpected. Groomers don't lie about their age,


and the speed at which they In one case it took less


than 20 minutes to persuade Paying compliments


was one warning sign. Then there's isolation,


seeking to drive a wedge They're seeking to create


a sense of exclusivity, so their relationship,


that they're seeking to develop with their victims


is special, is unique. It's not, therefore,


any other relationship with parents, You know, it's not as important,


it's not as unique. And they try to create


that isolation. The latest figures show 155 people


have been reported to the police in Wales for meeting a child


following sexual grooming over Hunting down the criminals has


led police to develop This police footage


is a demonstration of how officers no longer need to remove computers


for forensic examination, Day in, day out, dedicated teams


across Wales are doing search warrants on defenders' addresses,


seizing computers, immediately analysing computers and other


technology that they find there, looking for indecent


images of children. Just last month, for instance,


across this force, there was one dozen warrants


executed against offenders. But ACC Drake believes this fight


has to be a partnership TELEVISION: We chatted


all the time... For this generation, adopting


the latest technology is easy. Negotiating this online world


safely is a hard lesson. Back in Swansea, this professor


is keen to publish more findings. Spieth -- the professor is soon to


publish more findings. But is also actively seeking funding


to turn the research into public In the meantime, her advice -


to keep a careful eye on the conversations your


child is having online. Labour Assembly Members have tonight


decided to back the next stage of devolution -


on the eve of a crucial vote The Wales Bill will transfer powers


over areas such as energy, transport, and some degree


of income tax. But it's been criticised


for being unclear. Ukip will vote against, with


Plaid Cymru still yet to decide. But the motion is set to pass


tomorrow with Conservative support. It wasn't a straight


foward decision. But when we balanced up


the arguments, we felt that at this constitutional time


when we are in flux in terms of Brexit, we need to ensure


that we the same position as Scotland and Northern Ireland


in terms of negotiating our Restrictions on strikes by public


service workers like teachers and nurses could be scrapped


under plans published by In the public sector, two thirds


of Welsh workers are union members. Ministers here insist the assembly


has the power to change the law - despite the UK Government saying


it's a matter for Westminster. Four men have been charged


with murder following the death of a 41-year-old man found


unconscious in Newport on Thursday. Yan Yendrayevski was taken


to hospital after being discovered on Keene Street, but later died


from his injuries. Around 500 children and young people


from across the UK are diagnosed with brain tumours every year -


but delays in that diagnosis can have dire and sometimes


fatal consequences. Now a family from the Vale


of Glamorgan is spearheading a campaign to raise awareness


among parents and doctors Eight-year-old Leila May Cummings,


from Barry, was diagnosed But that was after a whole


year of health problems, She's since had surgery


to remove the tumour, but the delay may have


had lasting consequences. She's left with quite


a memory deficit, so it You know, she's a very different


person to how she was. I mean, the brain


is a complex thing. You know, the longer something


is there that shouldn't be, Brain tumours are the biggest


cancer killer of children Every year, 500 youngsters


are diagnosed, and a quarter die. The charity Head Smart have


printed 2 million symptom cards and are trying to raise awareness


in parents and doctors. Those symptoms could be


anything from headaches and persistent vomiting,


a wry neck in a child, or imbalance, a child not able to ride


a bike or dance well. But, combined with other symptoms,


they suggest that a parent ought to be talking to their GP


and pushing for a scan. For a year, Leila May's


condition worsened. She became weaker, aggressive,


and suffered seizures. An MRI scan in Cardiff finally


revealed the tumour. You're obviously very keen


to highlight the symptoms of brain tumours so other families don't go


through what you've been through? And, you know, avoiding those


long-term disabilities. Re-occurring vomiting,


headaches, seizures, In a statement from the Welsh


government, they said it can be ... They added the Refresh Cancer


Delivery Plan for Wales includes... Head Smart say their campaign has


already halved the diagnosis time. That's something Leila May


and her family know is vital. Wales' rugby Coach Rob Howley


is finalising his Six Nations squad. Tomorrow he'll name around 35


players before the squad is whittled down before the start


of the campaign in Italy We should also get clarification


on who will take-over On the eve of naming his Six Nations


squad, plenty to ponder on. And after a frustrating autumn


series, calls for the North Wales coach to be bold and not just pick


players with test experience. Many Welsh fans feel


Keelan Giles should have A certain try machine,


the ospreys winger suffered He is being assessed by medics


today, and Howley will be hoping Also tipped to be in the squad


is Tom Young, son of Wasps' director of rugby and former Wales captain,


Dai Young. The 24-year-old flanker has


continued to impress for his English club and,


having been courted by England last year, is tied to Wales,


having played at under 20s. I'd like to see Rob


being a bit bolder in his Given the calibre of the young guys,


who have excelled throughout the season thus far,


give them a chance to Whether you put them on the bench


and then bring them on gradually as the game's starting to evolve


a little bit... You know, it would be nice if Rob


just went a little bit away from the status quo and pick players


who are excelling and performing The players will go into training


with the Wales camp following mixed The Ospreys trounced Lyon,


scoring seven tries and guaranteeing After his side's victory,


Alun Wyn Jones refused to be drawn on whether he is to take over


the Wales captaincy. He is expected to get the nod,


replacing Sam Warburton. The Blues could face


the Ospreys in the last eight. Both them and the Dragons


need to win their final The Blues host Bristol,


and the Dragons need a win in Brive. And it's all over for the Scarlets,


out of the Champions Cup. Heartbreak for them


after a last-gasp converted try gave holders Saracens a 22-22 draw to end


the Scarlets' hope of progression. Rob Howley will already have a good


idea of the 15 he wants to run out against Italy,


and we'll have a clearer idea Alex Thomson has smashed the


greatest distance record for the -- has smashed the record for the


greatest distance sailed solo in 24 hours. It feels like a long time


coming. I'll should a broken in two months ago, but less than one mile.


You need to break it by more than one mile by the sailor from Bango


has been allowed on the ocean for 71 days competing in the round the


world competition. He is now 74 nautical miles behind the leader


with less than 840 miles to go. Let's see what the weather has


in store - Derek's got the forecast. There's no sign of any more snow -


at least in the near future. Yesterday Cardiff was


the warmest place in the UK, The outlook for the next few days


is mostly dry and settled. Lots of cloud about with


high pressure in charge. A little light rain


and drizzle in the south-east Temperatures staying


above freezing at 4-8 Celsius. A grey, misty start for most of us


tomorrow as well, with fog patches. A few spots of rain perhaps


in the north and north-west. Across the rest of the UK, a weather


front will bring a little rain, The best of the sunshine in London


and south-east England, where it will be chilly -


around 4-5 Celsius. Much milder in the north


with 11 in Glasgow. Close to home, cloud


will cover most of Wales. A little rain or drizzle for parts


of mid and North Wales. The temperature up to


ten Celsius is Rhyl. Slightly lower the


further south you go. But dry for many of us


and slightly colder in part of the south and south-east,


down to 2-3 Celsius. On Wednesday, a misty


morning in places. Otherwise, dry for many with the odd


spot of rain perhaps on Anglesey. And it should brighten up


in places with sunshine, hopefully, for parts


of the south and south-east. The outlook for the rest of the


week - not a great deal of change. High pressure keeping things


mostly dry and settled. Plenty of cloud, but I wouldn't rule


out some sunshine with the risk of some fog and frost later


in the week. That's Wales Today,


thank you for watching. From all of us on the


programnme, goodnight.


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