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The Welsh Assembly does not have a legal right to be consulted


And they're doing well, but it's not the same across Wales.


The schools watchdog says the quality of teaching is weak.


Assembly members do not have to be consulted


Supreme Court judges said while MPs will have a vote,


they rejected the Welsh Government's argument that Assembly members


have the right to a say before Theresa May starts formal divorce


Here's our Parliamentary correspondent, David Cornock.


62% of people in Blaenau Gwent voted to leave, the highest


There is a mixed reaction to the news that MPs will now get


Never mind what Parliament has to say.


Theresa May might be Prime Minister, but I think representing us


are the MPs, so I think they should have a say, yes.


In London, Supreme Court judges said it was for Parliament,


not ministers, to decide how and when Brexit happens, and there


The court unanimously rules that UK ministers are not legally compelled


to consult the devolved legislatures before triggering Article 50.


The Welsh Government had argued that under what is known as


the Sewel Convention, AMs had to be consulted before


the process of leaving the EU could begin.


But the judges found that that convention is not


legally enforceable, and that relations with the EU


Despite that, the Welsh Government's law officer


The sovereignty of Parliament has been upheld, fundamentally important


to Wales, because we now have a direct voice on that.


We don't have a veto, Parliament ultimately remains


sovereign on the point, but we have the opportunity now


to influence legislation that goes through.


But it will now be up to MPs to decide whether and when


It's not unexpected, and I just think the British Government accepts


the court's decision, so we move forward and we do


precisely what the court asks us to do.


The Labour Party says its MPs will not try to block


Well, I'm going to vote with the wishes of the people


of Wales and the people of the UK and the wishes of my constituents


and vote in favour of triggering Article 50.


With a heavy heart, I do that, because this has


divided the country, divided my constituency.


But some Labour MPs say they are prepared to rebel.


If it is the harsh, brutal Brexit that Theresa May is now putting


on the table for the British people, then I don't think that


will be in the interests of the people I represent,


and therefore I cannot, in all conscience, recommend to them


that that is the route we take and support it, and if that means


voting against the Government, then I will do that,


and if that means voting against the Labour whip,


Wales may have voted Out last June, but Plaid Cymru


Clearly, I'm here to take a view, otherwise I might as well


I will be following the wishes of my constituents, of course,


who voted very heavily in favour of staying in.


Back in Cardiff, the dust is settling, and AMs of all parties


are debating how they will now make their voices heard.


Staying with Brexit, one of the bosses at Airbus says


the company is "entering a dangerous phase" if it cannot seamlessly


move people and products around European countries.


6000 Airbus workers are based in Broughton in Flintshire,


The company says any new EU deal needs to be similar


to current membership, so it can compete with rivals


Many people in Seattle and in Washington would be more


than delighted to see this scenario played out, because they will take


every opportunity to try and undermine the success of Airbus.


And I take the view that whatever is being decided in Washington


will also be done very much with what is good for Seattle.


Police in Swansea are searching the marina


Marcin Porczyk was last seen in the Wind Street area of the city


Searches have concentrated on the marina and the River Tawe.


HSBC is to close nine branches in Wales as part


of closures across the UK, including in Holyhead, Knighton,


It says the number of people visiting its high-street banks has


fallen by almost 40% in the past five years, as more people


The quality of teaching in Wales is weak and must be improved


for standards in the classroom to get better.


That is the warning tonight from the schools watchdog Estyn


Our education correspondent Colette Hume has the story.


It is the start of the day for the pupils


at Tonnau Primary Community School near Neath.


The school has been singled out by the education watchdog Estyn


We are constantly challenging ourselves on a daily basis,


looking at where we can go next, improving literacy skills,


At this school, they are getting it right, but today's report says


Estyn says some pupils are underachieving because the work


their teachers are setting for them isn't challenging enough,


while in some classes, lessons are taught so quickly


There are schools where the teaching isn't good enough,


and in those schools, what we are saying in the report,


and there is a whole chapter on this, is that they need


and professional learning in that school.


The watchdog says school heads need to help their staff


The union which represents school leaders say they want that, too.


I've yet to meet a headteacher who will disagree with developing


their teaching staff, but it is a little bit like


parents on the sidelines, shouting at their children


on the field to just try harder - that's not helpful.


This report is another blow for education here in Wales,


coming as it does just weeks after the Pisa international school


rankings placed Wales below the rest of the UK and behind other nations


including Singapore, Slovenia and Vietnam.


There is some good news for primary schools in Wales in today's report.


Younger children's literacy and numeracy skills are improving.


In around seven out of ten primary schools,


But when it comes to secondary schools, teaching was rated good


or better in only a minority of schools inspected.


In a statement, the Cabinet Secretary for Education,


Kirsty Williams, said improving teaching and leadership was


Today's report will make difficult reading for everyone involved


in education here in Wales, and there will be renewed questions


about standards of teaching in the nation's schools.


Colette Hume, BBC Wales Today, Tonnau.


Football, and after three league wins in a row,


Cardiff City have lost in their away game against Brighton.


Let's see what the weather has in store -


Thank you. The worst of the Falkirk tonight on the other side of the


Severn Bridge. Having said that, a few mist and fog patches in parts of


the South and East. The odd spot of rain in the North, which will clear,


leaving a dry night. Some ground frost in the South and East and


Palace but milder in the West. Tomorrow morning, looking dry, any


fog near the border will lift. Sunshine for Swansea, Brecon and


Monmouth. Cloudy in parts of the West and North. Breezy as well


through the Irish Sea. For the rest of the UK could watch out for


freezing fog patches if you're travelling in parts of England.


There will be some disruption again. The fog will slowly lift into low


cloud. Some sunshine for the West Country, most of Wales into northern


England. Scotland and Northern Ireland, cloudy and breezy and


milder, 10 Celsius. Some rain in the North West with gale force winds.


Close to home, a nice afternoon tomorrow, fine and bright with some


winter sunshine. Temperatures 629 Celsius. South to South breeze.


Quite gusty in the West. Tomorrow night, Cloud will increase, a few


spots of drizzle and even some snow. Temperatures down to -1 in parts,


above freezing in Milford Haven, where it will be windy. It will feel


bitterly cold. A few specks of snow in places. But some dry and -- dry


weather and some sunshine. Friday, less windy and slightly less cold. A


few spots of rain, some dry weather as well. The weekend, heavy showers,


some rain and gradually turning a little bit milder.


Next tonight, Nick Servini asks, what's wrong with our trains?


That's Wales Today, thank you for watching.


From all of us on the programme, goodnight.


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