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Wales risks missing out on being a world leader in tidal power.


The warning tonight from the company behind the billion pound


And serious questions over the future of the multi million


pound race track, planned near Ebbw Vale.


Wales risks missing out on the chance to lead


the world in the development of new tidal power stations.


That's the warning from the company behind


Tidal Lagoon Power is waiting for the green light from the UK


government, on the billion pound project - but says other countries


It comes as the former energy minister, Charles Hendry -


who led an independent review into the lagoon - urged


the government to give their backing "sooner rather than later".


Here's our Environment correspondent, Steffan Messenger.


Is the Swansea Bay tidal lagoon ever going to be more


than a computer-generated artist's impression?


The company behind plan say they are ready to go.


But building work has been held up due to negotiations with the UK


Government over the price they will guarantee to pay


for the electricity from the scheme to be fed into the National Grid.


In the meantime other countries like India, they claim,


Deliver the jobs and deliver the value throughout Wales


If we are a first mover other countries will follow, not lead.


It's been two weeks since a former energy minister gave that reality


Today Charles Hendry was in Wales to meet politicians and business


leaders who gave evidence to the review about


He concluded they provide affordable green energy,


and building one as a test would be in the national interests.


We have to make decisions now for how we generate the power


We have 100 billion to invest in new energy and infrastructure.


If we don't do that we are going to have a real crisis.


We want the supply chain to invest in new jobs and we need to give them


Charles Hendry said that what he found striking was the level


of enthusiasm shown by locals for what is, in essence, a new power


He'd never seen anything like it, he said.


He urged people to write to the Government and Theresa May


Andrew Scott Ltd, acivil engineering firm hopes they'll


They've spent ?100,000 on the tendering project.


We've been frustrated waiting for a decision to be made,


This is a brilliant project for the region.


We've got skills that are drizzly transferable,


to the tidal lagoon project, and skills that,


Ministers say they are considering the findings of the review carefully


and will make a decision on whether to give the scheme


There are outstanding environmental concerns though,


the developers are yet to be granted a Marine license from


But the pressure is certainly mounting on all involved to make


As the Tidal Lagoon waits to be given the go-ahead tonight


there are serious questions over the future of the multi


million pound race track, planned near Ebbw Vale.


Those behind the Circuit of Wales, have been given a two week deadline


by the Welsh government, to show that they have


enough financial backing for the scheme to go ahead.


Here's our business correspondent, Brian Meechan.


It's an ambitious and expensive project, supporters believe it


could transform Ebbw Vale attracting international events


But they have been significant delays to the work


It had asked the Welsh government to underwrite the entire


cost of the project, ministers told the circuit of Wales


to find more investors who were willing to accept more


Then they would consider underwriting 50% of the cost.


The economy secretary previously said this could not be allowed


This afternoon Ken Scates issued a deadline.


I have therefore written to the heads of the valleys


development Corporation today, asking them to make faster


Asking for evidence of named investor term sheets


The company has worked hard to get backing for the project,


not least with the local community in Blaenau Gwent.


Claiming it would bring 6000 new jobs.


But many, including investors, privately question how strong


the business case is for the circuit of Wales, and whether it


The company says it welcomes the Welsh government


deadline, which it adds, ties in with its own timetable.


A man from Swansea has been charged with terrorism offences.


26-year-old Lee Edward Griffiths is due to appear at Westminster


He's facing five charges of collecting information which may


be useful to someone who commits, or prepares, acts of terrorism.


Mr Griffiths was arrested by officers from the Wales


and West Midlands counter terrorism units last Tuesday.


A bid to stop a Cardiff man from being deported


20-year-old Bashir Naderi has lived here for 10 years.


His deportation was temporarily halted by a judge in October,


and a fourteen thousand-signature petition was handed


Now his girlfriend, Nicole Cooper, says they're "devastated",


after being told by their solicitor that his leave to remain


The Home office has been asked to comment.


BBC Wales understands the chief executive of the patients' watchdog


has been suspended on full pay, since February last year.


The Board of Community Health Councils is refusing to say why


The organisation is funded by the Welsh government,


and represents NHS patients' interests.


A campaign for Wales' organ donation laws to be adopted in England,


has been launched by a mother whose daughter needed a liver transplant.


Wales became the only nation in the UK to introduce a "deemed


Kerry Smith from Abergele, who now lives in Cheltenham,


Ms Smith's 15 year old daughter Megan Carson, had a liver


transplant last year, after developing


The more organs that are available, the more lives are saved.


My daughter, Megan, had to wait just less than two months,


we were incredibly lucky to get a donor that quickly.


Rugby, and Wales' interim Head Coach says he hopes games


in the Six Nations won't be decided by red cards.


Speaking at the launch of the Championship,


Rob Howley revealed he'll have a briefing from referee


Nigel Owens after stricter sanctions were brought-in around high


Reckless high tackles, obviously there's going to be red cards.


We are mindful of that, and we are in


big games aren't decided by red cards,


because, ultimately, for the


players, coaches, and more importantly, the supporter's


perspective, it's a shame if that happens.


Time for a look at the weather, Derek's here, and it's


It is. Extra layers will come in handy tomorrow, cloudier and colder


for most of us. Some of you will see the sun. Cloud increasing tonight,


thick enough for the odd spot of drizzle. If you specs of snow.


Clearer in the north-west with frost tonight down 2-3 C on higher ground.


Above freezing in Pembrokeshire. The winds are a feature tomorrow


morning, making it feel cold. Gray for most of us. The best of the


sunshine in the north-west and on Anglesey.


The rest of the UK, a lot of plywood, thick enough for snow


grains in places. Not amounting to match. The sun should come out in


England tomorrow. Cold and raw, a south-easterly wind around freezing


in Newcastle. Milder in Scotland and the far south-west. Close to home


cloud in Powys, the heads of the valleys could give a little bit of


snow, but not a lot. Sunshine in the south and west, temperatures lower


than today with the biting wind. Tomorrow night 's freezing fog


likely on higher ground, the hills. A fuse box of drizzle, specs of snow


could make it I see. Friday is less cold, still breezy with dry, bright


weather but if you showers around. Maybe rain in south and east. It's


looking mixed for the weekend, she was on Saturday, heavy in places.


Bright intervals as well. Some uncertainty about Sunday, but we


could see some rain which should clear becoming dry and settled at


least for a while. Watch out for those cold winds tomorrow.


We're back with updates in breakfast from 6.25 tomorrow morning.


But that's Wales Today - from everyone on the


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