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"The only viable way to secure the future."


Unions recommend Tata steel workers accept the pension deal on offer.


A call for a ban on selling flavours like bubble gum and candyfloss


for e-cigarettes that could appeal to children.


And his job was to protect the rights of patients in Wales -


now questions over why Tony Rucinski was suspended.


Unions at Tata Steel have recommended that workers


at its plants in Wales accept the company's pension deal.


Up until now, the three unions had said the decision was a personal one


But tonight, they admitted it was the "only credible and viable


A ballot on the offer is expected to go ahead on Monday.


After continued uncertainty and disagreement unions have changed


their position on a deal which could secure the future of Tata steel


Following meetings with Tata all three unions recommend to


their members they should accept the deal which would mean


In a joint letter to steelworkers unions say they don't


take this decision lightly, and that the offer isn't


They say while they understand the concerns around the pension scheme


it is their view, supported by independent experts, that this is


now the only credible and viable way forward to secure the future.


The unions previously said they would


leave the decision to Tata's 6000 steelworkers, but there was


significant unhappiness about the proposal.


The BBC understands there has since been clarification


Tata did put a deal on the table to give reassurances


about their future commitment but it was asking a lot


of people close to retirement, workers in their 50s who would have


taken a big hit had this deal gone through.


I've been pushing, as have others, for Tata to listen to the feedback.


Workers still have a choice to ignore the advice of the union


representatives and reject the offer.


One former steelworker says it's never going to be an easy decision.


When they first started in the works,


they understood, that is what the pension scheme would be.


To move the goalposts after they've worked there,


that's what makes it difficult.


It's not only the steel industry, but other companies.


It's a difficult decision to move the


You knew what your future pension was going to be,


Ballot papers will be posted to workers on Monday


Public health officials have called for a ban on the sale of flavours


for e-cigarettes that could appeal to children.


They say flavours like bubble gum and candyfloss are an attempt


to encourage young people to start vaping.


They also want tighter controls over advertising,


a register of retailers selling e-cigarettes, and restrictions


Starting the advice young, not to smoke.


It's hoped these 12 and 13 year olds from Hawthorn High School


in Rhondda Cynon Taff will then be peer advocates and spread


the message about the health dangers of smoking.


But Public Health Wales, who are running these sessions,


are now toughening up their message about e-cigarettes too.


The concern is they're currently seen as safe,


could re-normalise smoking, or could even be a gateway


for young people and children to start smoking tobacco.


Younger kids want to buy them because they are more attractive.


When I walk past in my local town I see them in cool shapes


I think they are aimed at young people.


Public Health Wales say the nicotine in e-cigarettes is damaging


to the adolescent brain, so a no-go for children


But for those struggling to give up traditional cigarettes,


a 100% switch to vaping would be less harmful.


We wouldn't want to see advertising of electronic cigarettes


or the production of confectionery-like flavours.


You can buy bubble gum, candy floss, jam doughnut flavour,


they are only aimed at one audience, and that about recruiting


Celtic Vapours in Llansamlet have spent around ?150,000 having


30 flavours tested for things like emissions and toxicology to


They argue that e-cigarettes can have a huge role to play


in helping people quit smoking, but the rules are currently


so strict, they're unable to market their products at all.


I'd like to be able to market it as the product it is.


That's how we should be able to market ourselves.


We are not nicotine replacement therapy, we are not smoking,


we are an alternative to both and should be able to


They attract a broad range of customers at


their six stores across south Wales, with the traditional tobacco


and menthol flavours by far their best sellers.


I was spending about ?200 a month on cigarettes,


so the costs and the health implications as well.


I've been using it for around six months, I've never smoked,


With a cigarette you know what you're going to get,


With this you can have a different flavour every time you fill up.


The market for e-cigarettes, like the devices themselves, has


And research into the health benefits and harms continues.


A man from Swansea has appeared before Westminster Magistrates


26-year-old Lee Edward Griffiths is accused of having


bomb-making manuals, and instructions on


He's charged with five counts of possessing information which may


be useful to someone who commits, or prepares acts of terrorism.


He was remanded in custody to appear at the Old Bailey next month.


More inmates killed themselves in Parc Prison in Bridgend


and Swansea Prison between 2015 and 16 than in any other year


There was a record number of suicides in prisons in England


The UK Government says they're investing ?100 million


into the prisons estate and hiring 2500 more officers.


One of the last major army units based in Wrexham will move


The Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Battalion


at Hightown Barracks is being relocated.


The Army says it'll help staff transfer to alternative


But a campaign has been launched following concerns about how


We are its family, they are our family.


And it's like losing something from...


It's been depleted over the years, this, to me,


Opposition parties are demanding a full explanation as to why


the assembly was not told about the suspension of the man


who heads the patients' watchdog - the board


The Welsh Conservatives are accusing the Welsh Government of keeping


assembly members in the dark about what's happened to Tony


I'm passionate about making things happen.


That's what I see this new job, the new chief exec has been put


into place to make those things happen, to be a much more proactive


That's Tony Rucinski on the eve of becoming chief executive


of the body that describes itself as the independent


But seven months later he was suspended.


There was no announcement at the time, and nothing was said


publicly on the matter in the 11 months that followed,


by the board, the Welsh government, or Tony Rucinski.


We still don't know the reason for his suspension.


The leader of the Welsh Conservatives wants


the Health Secretary to explain why AMs here weren't told the board


It's hugely concerning that the chief executive, the most senior


official had been suspended for 11 months and there's been nothing put


The community health councils relied on


The Minister hasn't acted in the best interests,


the chair hasn't acted on the best interests


We don't know the reason for Tony Rucinski's suspension


but sources say there was tension between him


I've seen e-mails that show Tony Rucinski


raised concerns before his suspension that he was being stopped


He suggested the chair may have been influenced by


a meeting with a Welsh government minister.


Mutale Merril says she doesn't believe the content


and can't comment while due processes being followed.


It says Tony Rucinski's suspension is an internal matter.


11 months and there's no indication of when the problem


at the top of the patients watchdog will be resolved.


A film-maker inspired by migration and religious persecution has been


announced the winner of the coveted Artes Mundi contemporary arts prize


John Akomfrah was chosen for his "substantial body


of outstanding work" over a number of years, including his latest video


Born in Ghana, but now based in London, he says it's important


to have arts prizes outside the UK capital.


I wouldn't have done this if it was in London.


The whole point of being at Artes Mundi is


It started here, it's a space which says these questions are


important for us and we all come, this isn't my first time,


Tomorrow night we'll be catching up with Welsh boxer Lee Selby


as he prepares to defend his IBF world featherweight title


The 29-year-old from Barry fights Jonathan Victor Barros at the MGM


Speaking after his first public work-out, Selby says it's been


a dream of his to fight in the Mecca of boxing and he's fully focused


They follow me all around the country and the UK.


You know, they flew out to Vegas to support me.


They come to the pinnacle of the sport, we've worked


All we've got to do now is win on Saturday night.


Is this cold snap going to ease at all, Derek?


Yes, it will turn less cold in the next few days, eventually milder but


bitterly cold today for most of us, freezing in Tredegar. Up to seven


Celsius on Anglesey and stunning on Snowdonia, lots of blue sky and


sunshine. Most places dry tonight, patchy cloud, freezing fog on higher


ground, frosty in parts of the North West, stayed above freezing in


Pembrokeshire. Tomorrow this fog will let, the odd snow grain mixed


in but otherwise dry. It will brighten up, sunshine likely in


parts of Gwyneth and Conway. We have a warning of icy patches for


south-east England and East Anglia in the morning, the best sunshine in


Scotland, elsewhere brighten places but cloud increasing, rain spreading


into southern and western countries and temperatures will rise up to


nine in Plymouth. Dry for a time in Wales tomorrow but cloud increasing,


rain on the way in the afternoon, and misty and murky, part of the


North may stay dry until evening and temperatures a few degrees higher


than today. Tomorrow evening looks wet but that rain will clear after


the night, leaving one to showers, then on Saturday we have some dry


weather but showers as well, some heavy with hail and thunder possible


and a little snow on hills and mountains. There is a threat of rain


on Sunday but some uncertainty. It all hinges on this frontal system


which could be further south so turning less cold over the next few


days, milder next week but with some wind and rain on the way.


We'll be back in Breakfast with updates from around 6:25am tomorrow.


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