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Welsh cycling is celebrating another gold at the Olympics.


Elinor Barker rode to victory in the team pursuit,


following on from the gold achieved by fellow Cardiff


Meanwhile, Abergavenny's Becky James took silver in the keerin.


The Welsh medal tally has now reached seven,


From Rio, here's Rhodri Lewellyn reports.


Another day, another Olympic gold medal for a Welsh cyclist.


In the team pursuit Elinor Barker from Cardiff sped to


victory setting another world record emulating family friend Owain Doull


in the men's team less than 24 hours earlier.


All that was going through my head in the last lap is I'm going to


Then I crossed the line and looked up and saw


the Americans in front of


us and I thought, we've won, it's actually happened.


Welsh cyclists have now won five gold medals in the


I wonder if Elinor Barker's life will


I hope really that she keeps her feet on the ground.


That's been really important for us as a family.


And we'll work hard to make sure she does keep her feet on


the ground so any time she comes home she will be washing the dishes!


And there was further velodrome success with Abergavenny's Becky


James snatching silver with a late surge in the keerin.


She missed the London Games and then spent the best part of two


years out with injury and a cancer scare.


Maybe a little bit too late but I don't know where that speed


I think I wanted it so much once I got through that first round today.


I just wanted to come away with a medal.


Boyfriend, the Wales rugby winger George North,


I got a bit nervous in the semifinal.


I don't agree with you at all, David.


Disappointment for Chloe Tutton and Georgia Davies.


Great Britain finishing seventh in the


Becky James was back here today comfortably making it through


Setting a new Olympic record along the way.


Having already equaled the seven medals won in England, the Welsh


athletes look set to break some records in Rio.


A second body washed ashore in Gwynedd has


been identified as 15- year-old Waseem Al-Muflehi.


Wasseem and 14-year-old Yahye Mohamed,


both from Birmingham, disappeared in the water off


Yahear's body was found on Friday morning.


An investigation is underway after 500 dead fish were found


National Resources Wales say the fish were discovered


near Llansantffraid-ym Mechan on Friday after a


Juvenile salmon and a large number of adult


That's going to take a few years for the


As part of World War One Centenary commemorations, a new online


database lists details of the 900 people from Wales who refused to


Walter Roberts, from Flintshire, was the first conscientious objector


His niece says they were treated with hostility at the time,


but now they're seen as victims of the war,


as much as those who fought on the front line.


Sent white feathers, got abuse in the street,


It took a lot of courage to stand up for your


I'm absolutely certain that there's a greater understanding.


The amount of interest that's been shown with the


anniversary of the First World War whereas there was just hostility


More sport now, and just the one football result


Two late goals meant a 2-0 home defeat for Cardiff City


to Queens Park Rangers in the Championship.


Cardiff managed only one shot on target and have failed to score


in three games this season - with QPR moving to


Let's take a look now at what the weather


Cooler overnight with clouds clearing.


Dry, fine and warm tomorrow with good spells of sunshine, and


Wales Today will be back with updates in


From everyone on the weekend team, thanks for watching.


Event as this. All will be revealed later when the world for round 10


seconds will stop, and watch. Hello, good evening, we have got a


few days of really nice summer weather on the way, is it going to


be turning really warm across most of the country, temperatures


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