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There was heartache at the Olympic Games in Rio tonight


where Non Stanford just lost out on a bronze medal to her training


The 27 year old from Bridgend was over taken by her house mate


in the home straight to finish fourth.


There was disappointment too for Helen Jenkins,


the third member of Team GB's triathletes, who struggled


Non Stanford has just been speaking to the BBC's Jonathan Edwards:


At the next at the minute. Obviously and gutted that they did a medal. We


came here as a team to get a medal and we have walked away with one. It


was a tough day and it was really hard. I suffered from the start of


the end. But I gave everything and I don't figure could have asked much


more of myself. Maybe I didn't play my tactics quite right. It is still


forth in the Olympic Games. You can be really proud of that. We can put


it on display. A question to both of you, what was going through your


mind as you were coming up to that lap 20 would be a sprint between two


best friends from that medal? I just kept thinking that it would be one


of us. I knew we had managed to drop Barbra behind us. I kept thinking,


it's going to be one of us. I had to put that out of my mind, the fact


that we are housemates. That's not how you grace. We've always said


that it is fair game and I just had to approach it like that. Your


thoughts? Absolutely. I was and is confident about dropping Barbra


because she's really strong. That's where I kept pushing. I was to keep


the place tidy make sure we didn't lose out on medals completely. Vicky


did a bit better than me. What can I say? I just added at the end and


delighted to have bronze. And just a bit gutted. I think the first thing


I said was, I'm so sorry! Of course she was absolutely brilliant about


it and congratulated me. I just said, I wish it could have been


asked to together. What can you do? When was incredible. A lot stronger


on the bike and I think a lot of us thought she would be. Nicola was


just surging forward on the bike all the time. She really came out to try


to win a title back and was strong enough to hold on the silver.


South Wales Police are investigating following reports of an armed


robbery in the Roath area of Cardiff.


Police officers were deployed to Albany Road after receiving calls


reporting a possible robbery at the Halifax bank.


A man has died following a three vehicle crash in Gwynedd.


The collision happened on the A496 at Caerdeon between Bontddu


The driver of one of the cars was pronounced dead at the scene.


North Wales Police is appealing for any witnesses.


Police are continuing to investigate the death of a young woman


A twenty three year old man was arrested


and has been questioned - after police were called to reports


of a twenty four year old woman having difficulty


She was pronounced dead at the scene.


A three day music festival in Abersoch has cancelled


its programme and closed the site due to health and safety reasons -


because of strong winds and heavy rain.


Glass Butter Beach - a wakeboarding, surfing and music


festival was supposed to run from Friday to Sunday.


The programme is set to go ahead as planned tomorrow -


Football and Swansea council's leader is optimistic progress can be


made during talks about expanding the Liberty Stadium.


It comes after Swansea City's American owners revealed


they are in talks with the council over increasing


And the Swans' new owners were at the Liberty today


to watch their side lose 2-0 against Hull City.


It was Shaun Maloney who opened the scoring


for the visitors in the 78th minute, before Abel Hernandez made


In the Championship, Cardiff drew 2 -2 at Fulham -


there was a draw too for Newport in League Two -


they finished 1-1 against Crewe Alexandra.


Meanwhile Wrexham could only manage a 0-0 draw against Eastleigh


Time for a quick look at the weather now,


and after a blustery day for most, the wind will ease off overnight.


It will be cloudy with more rain moving in from the west


Tomorrow will start dry with light winds.


It'll be brighter in the afternoon with rain later on in the day.


I'll have your next update tomorrow evening at 5:20pm.


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