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Rachel Morris - from Pembrokeshire - is the first Welsh athlete to win


She claimed the title in the women's single skulls.


Welsh athletes have added two medals so far to Team GB's tally.


Steffan Messenger has this report from Rio.


Having won her heat in spectacular style, Rachel Morris


China's Lili Wang leading almost to the line.


Clinching gold took every ounce of power and endurance


Rachel, who lives in Guildford but whose family is from


Pembrokeshire, now has a Paralympic title


in more than one sport, having won gold and silver in hand


For 19-year-old Sabrina Fortune though, Rio was her first


She clinched a brilliant and unexpected bronze


in the F20 shot put yesterday, the first Welsh competitor to medal


No words can explain the emotion of just standing there, but for me


No one told me they were coming out so to see them in front of me


There is hope of another gold medal tomorrow in the form


of Aled Sion Davies from Bridgend, one of the brightest


He's currently the world record-holder and world


The weight of expectation is huge but out in Rio, Aled's biggest fans


Obviously he's nervous and excited but I definitely think he's ready.


It's been four years of hard work and it is all built


Aled Davies will be hoping for a repeat of scenes like these


For now though it's Rachel Morris's chance to savour her success.


The deadline runs out today for a father to return his daughter


22-year-old Amina Al-Jeffery from Swansea, claims she's being


held against her will by her father Mohammed.


Last month the High Court ruled she must be allowed to return.


From tomorrow the Severn Tunnel will close for six weeks to prepare


This'll add an extra 40 minutes to journeys from south Wales


But journey times are expected to be reduced,


Hundreds of people gathered earlier to protest against plans


to re-open a quarry on the outskirts of Cardiff.


Construction company Tarmac hopes to expand Creigiau Quarry.


Spelling out "no" to the resumption of quarrying near their homes,


around 200 people from the neighbouring villages


of Creigiau and Pentyrch met on the recreation ground next


to the quarry to capture their opposition using a drone.


If the plans are approved to reopen and expand the quarry,


residents fear it will cause noise and air pollution,


as well as causing gridlock on the roads.


I've actually lived through the quarry when it was open


before and so I know how bad it is, the blasting, cracks in the walls,


things coming off people's shelves and things like that.


Going back to 2002, the road structures and everything has


changed immensely since then and we just haven't got the roads


Quarrying stopped here in 2002, but Tarmac says it's


an important source of limestone for the construction industry.


The company says there will be passing places on roads and it's


agreed to restrictions on quarry traffic travelling through Creigiau.


Residents are also concerned that the planned expansion


of the quarry would bring operations close to Pentyrch primary school.


Cardiff Council says it would be inappropriate to comment at this


stage but that all representations will be carefully considered.


Rebecca John, BBC Wales Today, Creigiau.


Wales football fans who sell on priority tickets


for the World Cup qualifier in Austria could face action


according to Football Supporters' Federation Cymru.


The Football Association of Wales would not confirm fans


could face suspension, but says it'll monitor


Despite trailing 1-0 at half time, Swansea managed a 2-2


draw against Chelsea at the Liberty Stadium,


thanks to Gylfi Sigurd-sson's penalty and a goal by Leroy Fair


Let's take a look at the weather forecast.


Tomorrow it'll be dry and breezy, but expect it to turn cloudy


Some hazy sunshine and feeling quite warm with highs of 22 Celsius.


That's it for tonight, We're back with more news from Wales


in Breakfast from around 6.25 tomorrow morning.


From all of us on the late team, nos da.


Good evening. We may see some exceptional warmth this week, but


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