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News from Wales with Jamie Owen and Lucy Owen, and weather from Derek Brockway.

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in Wales said today. leader, the party's leader


Addressing delegates at the party's conference in Bournemouth,


Nathan Gill also conceded there's turmoil within the party in Wales.


More from our political reporter Cemlyn Davies.


The there was applause for Nathan Gill as he took to the stage


In a late change to the conference agenda, Ukip's leader in Wales


replaced the party's group leader in the Welsh Assembly,


Neil Hamilton, the decision highlighting the tensions


between the two men and within Ukip but Mr Gill called


We get behind our leader and we go forward and we become


the official opposition, or we argue and we split


and we still think it's about us and we think it's about how much


media time I get or whatever the silly things are


Nathan Gill conceded there is some turmoil within Ukip Wales.


He now sits as an independent AM, unable to work alongside


Neil Hamilton, who wasn't in the conference hall


I'm afraid I regarded that speech as a lost opportunity,


because he should have taken the opportunity to show


what we as a group are doing in the Assembly but of course,


With the conference now over, the Welsh delegates here


in Bournemouth head back to Wales as divided as they arrived.


Diane James' election as party leader, it seems,


has simply deepened the split between them and they face


a significant challenge to put on a united front ahead of next


Cemlyn Davies, BBC Wales today at the Ukip conference in


A body has been found on the beach near Porthcawl.


Police were called to the area between Merthyr Mawr sand dunes


Officers have informed the family of 74-year-old


Eddie Wise, who's been missing from Chepstow since July.


Thousands of people are attending the biggest public art event


in Cardiff's history, with the capital being transformed


It's the latest in a series of events to celebrate


The sheer number of spectators has led to complaints about a lack


of crowd control but organisers say all precautions are being taken


To its title, the city of the unexpected is keeping the people of


Cardiff on their toes as they enjoy some Roald Dahl magic and wonder on


the streets of the city. The extravaganza began when a rather


large piece of fruit appeared on Wood Street in the Capitol Centre.


This giant peaches over seven metres high and like everything this


weekend, nobody notices going to happen. However, this strange but


familiar scene from one of my's best loved books has drawn crowds. So


far, we've seen Mr Fox running down the street and is now we're going to


see the big pitch of the road. We've come from North Wales to see what's


going on. What do you think of this giant Peach? We've been waiting


there half an hour and it's worth the wait. I feel sorry for the


people carrying it! This collaboration between the National


Theatre Wales and the Wales millennium Centre as been two years


in the making. Performers brought the city centre to a standstill and


so do the crowds. Thousands turned out and that's led to complaints on


some social media about overcrowding. There are few


unexpected hitch is here and there. Just dealing with the number of


crowds, we're slightly behind schedule but everything seems to be


going to plan otherwise. The biggest art event in Cardiff sisterly,


straight from the pages of Roald Dahl's box will continue to night


and begin all over again tomorrow. to night and begin all


over again tomorrow. Football, and in the Championship,


a 2-0 loss for Cardiff City, It's their fourth straight


defeat and has intensified the scrutiny of Bluebirds boss,


Paul Trollope. Not a great day in the


lower leagues, either. In League 2, Newport lost away


to Doncaster 2-0 and in the National League,


Wrexham lost 2-0 to Woking. Let's take a quick look


at the weather and we'll have a dry night, staying cool,


with lows of 9C. Tomorrow will start fine with some


sunny spells, however, outbreaks of rain will arrive later


across west Wales. We're back tomorrow


evening at 6.45pm. For now, though, thanks for watching


and have a lovely evening. I wish you a very good evening


ahead and I hope you can


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