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The Education Secretary, Kirsty Williams, says she plans


to double spending on a scheme, to help the poorest three


She unveiled the plans in her speech to the Liberal Democrat


conference in Brighton, from where our


Parliamentary Correspondent, David Cornock, reports.


She may be the last Lib Dem left in the Assembly, but as Education


Secretary, Kirsty Williams is determined to show her party can


still be a force in government. She told delegates her priority in the


job. Helping three and four-year-olds from poor backgrounds


through a grant. I'm announcing that it is my intention to double the


early Years Pupil Premium. Concentrating extra resources on our


very youngest pupils, because it is our mission that every child


deserves a fair start in life. She also ruled out the return of the


grammar school, another key difference between governments in


Wales and England. International evidence shows the best education


systems across the world do not select their children. But with only


1am and a single MP, the Lib Dems now a political recovery in Wales is


just -- is some way off. The answer lies in talking to other parties.


With boundary changes, which massively supported and encouraged


the party in the future, there is time to talk. It is time to talk


about issues of common interest. Without close cooperations between


parties in the centre and on the left, he fears the Conservatives


will be in power for a long time. Ukip's new leader has tried to heal


divisions within the party in Wales, Diane James said the leader


of the party in Wales, Nathan Gill, had her "complete


and utter support". She called on the leader


in the Assembly, Neil Hamilton, The two men have been embroiled


in a feud which has seen Mr Gill quit the Ukip group


of AMs in Cardiff Bay. As the Paralympic Games draw


to a close, Welsh athletes have contributed seven medals


to Great Britain's record haul. The latest came courtesy


of Cardiff's Phil Pratt, who helped the GB men's wheelchair


basketball team clinch bronze. And a homecoming celebration


for all the Welsh Olympians and Paralympians has been announced -


as Steffan Messenger reports. After a tense match against Turkey


taken into overtime, it was a great end to the games for Britain's


Wheelchair Basketball Men layers. Among them, Phil Pratt from Cardiff,


the first Welshman to make the Paralympic team in more than 20


years. It was a Sportsday for young people organised by disability sport


Wales that first got him hooked, now he is a Paralympic bronze medallist.


I want to motivate and inspire young people. There were no Wheelchair


Basketball Men players from Wales who had made it when I was growing.


Hopefully I can be won. Welsh athletes have added seven medals to


Great Britain's tally. There were more golds and promising


performances from young competitors across a broader range of sports.


With the Olympics it has been a golden few months of sporting


action. Last night crowds gathered in Flint to welcome their local hero


home. Double Olympic tae kwon do champion Jade Jones was overwhelmed


by the support. There is sure to be plenty of cheering at the official


homecoming celebration for Welsh Olympians and Paralympians set to be


held in Cardiff Bay on the 29th of September.


On the second day of the biggest arts event ever held in Cardiff,


thousands of people have been enjoying a giant picnic in the park,


It's all part of the centenary celebrations for Roald Dahl,


who was born in the capital 100 years ago.


Quick look at the weather, and patchy rain will spread


in from the west tonight, but by morning that should clear,


leaving a largely fine, bright day, with highs of 18 celsius.


We're back with updates in breakfast from 6:25.


That's Wales Today. Goodnight.


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