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The day after Jeremy Corbyn beat his rival Pontypridd MP


Owen Smith to the party's leadership, The First Minister


and Welsh Labour leader, Carwyn Jones, has launched


Speaking to the Labour conference in Liverpool,


Mr Jones warned members that they have to start treating one


another with respect after what he said had been bitter


From Liverpool, our Paliamentary Correspondent,


The leadership election may be over, but 24 hours after Jeremy Corbyn


defeated Owen Smith, the debate about the


The Welsh Labour leader used his conference speech


Conference, we have no hope of creating an open,


tolerant country if we can't do the same within our own party.


If we really want to shape what a post-Brexit Britain looks


like, we have to start treating one another with respect.


Writing for the Sunday Times, he went further.


Warning that the battle for the soul of post-Brexit Britain won't be won


by what he called a paranoid political movement, more


concerned with rooting out traitors than the economy.


There are party members who are not aligned with anybody who I think got


And focus on the one issue, which is not how can we have a go


at somebody else within our own party, but how can we get


Carwyn Jones said opponents of the leadership shouldn't sulk.


A message reinforced by members of Jeremy Corbyn's


We've just had a gap year from sense and reality.


Now he wants to concentrate on giving unity a chance


But some Owen Smith supporters says Jeremy Corbyn still needs to change.


It's up to Jeremy to ensure he convinces


He has fully convinced the membership and I welcome that.


And I think he is in the process of making sure


the Parliamentary Labour Party is on board.


Jeremy Corbyn may have won a decisive victory,


but there is still plenty in his party here who have doubts


about whether he can lead Labour into Government.


A teenager from Wrexham who hadn't been seen since Friday morning has


An appeal was issued this afternoon for information


North Wales Police have thanked the public for their assistance.


Wales' Economy Secretary has told BBC Wales that the free movement


of people into the UK cannot be allowed to continue when Britain


Ken Skates says free access to the single market is important,


while at the same time accepting that voters in June's referendum had


raised concerns about a lack of control over immigration.


But speaking on BBC Wales' Sunday Politics programme,


Plaid Cymru AM Sian Gwenllian said the Welsh Government should be


advocating membership of the single market not just access.


They seem to have reached the position which is a hard Brexit


position, which is in line with what the Tories


Which is that they are not in favour of membership of the single market.


Which to me is not the best for Wales.


And they should be arguing and negotiating from that point onwards.


A pedestrian has died after being hit by a vehicle on a dual


Mike Iuha, who was originally from the Czech Republic,


was struck on the A5-25 near Rhuddlan at 4:30


He was taken to Clan Clwyd hospital but died from his injuries.


Tributes have been paid to a 50-year-old woman


from Anglesey who died in a crash near Bangor on Friday.


Susan Jane Owen from Pentreberw was in a BMW which collided with a van


Mrs Owen's family said she was a special friend to all.


And the Former Wales International footballer, Mel Charles,


He played for Swansea, Cardiff and Arsenal and in 19-58


was a member of the Wales team that reached the quarter


Mel Charles played 31 times for Wales and his former team-mate


and Tottenham legend Cliff Jones said he was a special talent.


He was also the younger brother of the legendary


Time for a quick look at the weather forecast now.


And after a mostly dry evening with a few scattered showers,


outbreaks of showery rain will spread northeast throughout


the night along with strengthening winds.


By tomorrow morning, further outbreaks of


persistent and heavy rain, and more strong winds.


We'll be back in breakfast from 6.25 tomorrow morning.


Hello. Nothing too dramatic on the horizon, some rain, some shine, most


of the showers have been across the North and west of the UK, they


continue. Still some heavy wants to come


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