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A Scottish boxer has died following a match


with Carmarthenshire fighter Dale Evans earlier this week.


25 year old Mike Towell from Dundee was rushed to hospital after being


stretchered from the ring on Thursday in Glasgow.


Entering the boxing ring for the last time, Mike Towell was knocked


down by Dale Evans from Saint is in the first round and again in the


fifth for the fight was stopped. He was taken to hospital in Glasgow.


Nobody ever wants to see someone get stretchered out of the ring and I


hope he is all right. Buckley last night, Mike Towell passed away 12


hours after being taken off life support. His girlfriend paid tribute


to the father of one on social media, adding that he had been


complaining of headaches over the past few weeks. The Shadow Secretary


of State for Wales has renewed his call is for both the head to be


banned in sport. But former Welsh boxer: 12 light heavyweight champion


Nicky Piper said medical tests in boxing our rigorous. At the doctors


know that he had been suffering severe headaches they would have


looked into this and find out what the problem was, maybe standards


brain. This could have been avoided, possibly. I feel so sorry for him


and his family, Dale Evans especially because I know how much


in the past that has affected the boxers, it affects them greatly.


Dale Evans will be going through such a terrible time. Other members


of the boxing community have been sending their thoughts and


condolences to both into my's family and Dale Evans on social media. A


crowdfunding page has already raised thousands of pounds in support of


Mike Towell's partner and young son. Plans to charge double the amount


of council tax on long-term empty homes in Newport


are being considered by the council. There are currently more than 2,500


vacant properties in the city,


with around 1100 exempt from council tax because they are


undergoing major work. The local authority wants to urge


owners to bring them back to use. A man has been taken to hospital


with life-threatening injuries North Wales Police was called


to the Clarence Road and Mostyn Avenue junction


just after midnight. The man, who is in his 20s,


is not from the area. Football, and the pressure


is mounting on Swansea City Head Coach Francesco Guidolin


after his side lost 2-1 Liverpool at


the Liberty Stadium. After taking an early lead


by with a good first half, the Swans were dominated


in the second with an equaliser by Firmino and a


penalty from Milner. The Italian admitted before


the match it could be Meanwhile its not looking much


better for under pressure Cardiff City manager


Paul Trollope, his side lost 2 Newport County's match


against Stevenage was postponed due to a waterlogged pitch,


but it was better news for Gary Mills with a much needed


1 nil win for Wrexham over Boreham Wood in


the National League. Nathan Cleverly will fight


Juergen Braehmer for the WBA World Light Heavyweight title


in Germany tonight. The Welshman's on the comeback trail


after losing his WBO Tonight he faces his opponent


in his home region, at a venue he's never lost in,


but says he's well prepared As a professional I have been to


Chicago and Liverpool, the lions den, I have been a failure. I have


been everywhere and I enjoyed. -- I have been everywhere. The crowd are


going to be against me. It is going to be all for the home fighter.


Time for full check on today's weather now, here's Behnaz Akghar.


We have had some intense downpours today, things coming down the little


as we head into tonight and certainly tomorrow was working fine.


We will see a few coastal showers tonight, containing funny time but


otherwise it is dry clear skies allowing the temperature to drop so


that we see a touch of grass frost and also some mist and fog patches


forming, he went light and variable. A chilly start to Sunday with


high-pressure taking charge from the south-east that will settle things


down nicely. We can look forward to a fine day with a miniature was


queried, lots of sunshine and dry weather, too. It is a lovely Sunday,


those temperatures creeping up to 16 degrees. Certainly recovering after


a chilly morning. We head into a chilly night on Sunday in the early


hours, it will be another fine day of the start of next week.


We'll have more tomorrow evening just after six o'clock.


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