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A minister in the UK Government has defended plans to change how


The Wales Bill has been widely criticised.


But Wales Office Minister, Guto Bebb says it will give far


greater clarity over what the Assembly's able to do.


Here's our political correspondent, Arwyn Jones.


The aim of the Wales Bill is to clear up who is responsible


for making laws in which areas, the Welsh Assembly or Westminster.


It would give the Assembly new powers over energy projects such


as fracking, deciding how taxis should be licensed


and what the speed limit should be on Welsh roads.


But critics, including many AMs, say it takes back powers


That was denied this morning by one of the men pushing


We are building upon the 2011 referendum.


Now the 2011 referendum made it very clear that it gave the Welsh


And the people of Wales are not well served by having decisions


Two years ago, the highest court in the land, the Supreme Court,


ruled in favour of the Welsh government against UK ministers,


that the Assembly had the power to set the wages


But the concern is that the new Wales Bill would put such powers


That judgment definitely clarified the Assembly's lawmaking powers,


but what this bill has done is try to undo those Supreme Court


decisions and actually take back some of the powers that the Welsh


government and the Assembly thought they had.


Tomorrow, the House of Lords will examine the bill.


The man led the Yes for Wales campaign in 1979,


Lord Alistair Morgan, said it would have been better


for Wales if the Wales Bill had never happened.


This is the fourth attempt to clarify the Welsh


devolution settlement, each of the previous acts were said


It seems unlikely this attempt will succeed


North Wales Police are trying to find a convicted rapist,


following a fire at an address in Prestatyn, in Denbighshire.


63-year-old Richard Pentreath, also known as Hilary Clifford Thomas,


is wanted on suspicion of causing arson with intent to


On Monday, he was found guilty of historical rape


offences in his absence, after he failed to attend court.


Police say he has links to the London, Gloucester


Leading surgeons are warning of the potential dangers


of e-cigarettes, after treating patients who were badly


injured when the devices exploded in their pockets.


Doctors at Morriston Hospital's Burns and Plastic Surgery Unit


in Swansea have treated five men for serious burns this year.


Trading standards officers have urged people not


Ukip MEP, Nathan Gill says he doesn't know if he'll still be


a member of the party in a year's time.


Mr Gill - who's also an independent AM for North Wales -


says he's embarrassed by the infighting within the party.


It comes after Ukip's new leader stood down


Wales' footballers - who're aiming to reach their first


World Cup for nearly six decades - are taking on Georgia tonight.


Live to the Cardiff City Stadium - and Tomos Dafydd.


Wales are overwhelming favourites - and ranked more than a hundred


But Wales record against Georgia is not good -


But so far, this game is going Wales' way.


I don't think it is a must when, but we should do it. Three points in the


bag today would do it. I reckon the Boyle 's whirlwind. Chris Coleman


played inside but lost 5-0 to Georgia in the 19 days. Those dark


days of distant memory now. So could this generation 62 previous


generations altered? Wales were on top in the early stages. This cross


just beyond Gareth Bale. He warned that his side will have to be


patient against the stubborn Georgia defence. But they did not have to


wait too long for the opening goal. Gareth Bale jumped higher than


anyone else. One up after ten minutes. Wales dominated and tested


the Georgian defence. George -- Gareth Bale was a threat throughout


the first half. One goal margin is never comfortable and Georgia came


close. This free kick thankfully just over the bar. At the break,


wheels 1-0. Eight minutes into the second half and it remains Wales-


one. That means Gareth Bale says weathered three goals of Ian Rush s'


record. All the action and reaction at 10:20pm tonight.


Rugby - and in the Pro 12, the Scarlets recovered


from a 13-point deficit to claim a bonus-point win against


I'll be back with you with our next bulletin after the ten o'clock news.


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