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Ruption is expected on the A48 in Carmarthenshire next weekend -


when the road is closed to fix a fractured pipeline.


So far, nearly a 150,000 litres of kerosene have leaked


Normally tranquil part of the countryside. The silence broken by


these machines. The purpose was to minimise the impact of an oil spill


on the environment. The initial estimate of around 70,000 litres has


now risen to 140,000 of kerosene. It is coming from a pipeline which


carries the oil from the Pembroke refinery. With the cause of the


league still unknown that figure could rise. We have been told there


is an estimated 140,000 beaters. I think today we have been told 88,000


has been recovered. That is a significant figure this close to


when the incident happened. The fractured pipe is 12 metres below


ground and to fix the problem the A48 will have to be excavated,


meaning closure in both directions over a weekend. Natural resources


Wales said about half the spilt material has been recovered from the


water. And that it is working closely with the pipeline owner to


minimise the impact on wildlife. The environmental consequences of the


spillage are visible. And now a local assembly member is concerned


about the potential impact on the local economy. The proposal to close


what is the main arterial route in West Wales over the course of a


whole weekend has very serious implications. The closure is planned


from next Friday evening to early on Monday October 17. With traffic


diverted. People are being warned to expect delays as work is carried out


to find the source of the leak and to stop any further damage.


The man who delivered a blueprint for reforming public services


in Wales says he's "disappointed" so little has changed


since he recommended merging local councils -


Ministers have shelved plans for mergers, due to lack of support,


and now want councils to work together to deliver services


I think I am, personally. I think probably my commission members were


disappointed, given the depth of the evidence we took and at the time,


virtually everybody we spoke to expressed a view something had to be


done. The First Minister has called


on the Welsh Secretary to apologise for comments he made about Plaid


Cymru. Carwyn Jones says Alun Cairns's


attempt, on BBC Question Time, to link Plaid with illegal action


against migrants into Welsh-speaking communities,


was "unwise and baseless". A spokesman for Mr Cairns has


declined to comment. A memorial concert will be held


in Cardiff this evening to mark 50 Cantata Memoria, a new choral work


by composer Sir Karl Jenkins, will be premiered at


the Wales Millenium Centre. It includes a children's choir


of 116, which is the number of children who died


in the disaster. You can see highlights


of the concert on S4C Football now and the Wales Manager


Chris Coleman has confirmed that Joe Allen is out of tomorrow's


World Cup qualifier against Georgia, The squad trained at


the Cardiff City They're already without the Arsenal


midfielder Aaron Ramsey, It is a shame for us. It is good for


Georgia. It is a shame as well without Aaron, of course. But no, we


are there, the game is in front of us. We have got other players that


can step in and do the job for us, which they will.


In the National League Wrexham had their sixth defeat under Gary Mills,


An own goal by Wrexham goalkeeper Shwan Jalal helped the hosts.


And Newport County had a nil-nil draw away to Colchester United.


The weather forecast now, with Sue Charles.


The settled spell continues with more fine weather tomorrow.


Fairly quiet tonight with clear spells, less cloud, patchy


mist and fog, as temperatures will fall, seven to 10 Celsius but


A chilly start tomorrow, largely fine with sunny spells, some cloud


could be big enough for the odd bit of drizzle but otherwise dry and


feeling chilly in the north-easterly breeze.


13 Celsius in Wrexham and 15 in Carmarthenshire.


High pressure keeps it settled next week, but with chilly nights.


We'll be back at around 5 past 6 tomorrow evening.


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