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The First Minister has told BBC Wales he will not


support any deal on Brexit, if it involves trade tariffs


Carwyn Jones will meet Theresa May in London tomorrow as part of talks


between the leaders of each part of the United Kingdom.


The UK Government says countries in Europe will be keen


to trade with Britain - as our political correspondent


From the biggest companies, based here to the thousands of smaller


ones, Wales exports a large number of goods.


And the ability to do that freely is important. Carwyn Jones has


reiterated to the Reza me that he wants Welsh firms to have access


with any additional cost. He took to the airwaves today. Eye would not


under any circumstances support any deal... A chance you have a choice?


The governments critical of any deal? It is much wiser to look at


the support that they would be getting. Carwyn Jones also said he


would accept that we need to have limits on how many citizens come to


live in a gated kingdom and offer suggestions about how the system


could work. No barriers for doctors, nurses. Professionals running


companies. Work visa? We have examples elsewhere, that is a


possibility. The UK Government refuses to give a running company,


but today one of the leading figures of the Brexit campaign said that


other countries are going to be keen to trade with the UK. No country


benefits with a reduction to treat to the United Kingdom. It is not


going to be in their interests. This is why I have always been convinced


that we are going to have tariff free trade. Tomorrow, the leaders of


each part of the United Kingdom will meet Theresa May, the last time was


two years ago, and back then the only referendum being discussed was


for Scottish independence, Brexit was a long way away. But how the


different administrations walk together could have a dramatic


impact. Tributes have been paid


to a 41-year-old electrician from Aberystwyth who was killed


in a road accident on the Costa del Eifion Gwynne had flown to Malaga


to attend the funeral of a family friend, who'd moved to southern


Spain. It's reported Mr Gwynne, who was


a member of Aberystwyth Rugby Club, A former North Wales police


superintendent is expected to appeal against his convictions last week


for historical child sex abuse. 79-year-old Gordon Anglesea is due


to be sentenced next month after being found guilty of four


charges of indecent assault His lawyers are due to consult


with him over an appeal. The development of the Wylfa Newydd


nuclear power station will present 'significant challenges' to health


services in North Wales, Horizon - the company


behind the project - says the power station


will bring significant But Betsi Cadwaladr University


Health Board says the island's population could rise by about 12%


during construction, which could put pressure on GPs,


hospitals and community services. The Welsh Government says plans


to devolve the Wales and Borders rail franchise would include


existing cross-border services. The UK Government said


last year some services, that primarily serve England,


could be given to other firms. There had been concerns cross border


services would be split at the border, with passengers


potentially having to change trains. Four companies are bidding


to run the network. Swansea City's new manager,


Bob Bradley, says despite the disappointment of their goal-less


draw against Watford yesterday there's a shared feeling


of "an all-round good effort." Having started his Swansea tenure


with a 3-2 defeat at Arsenal, the former USA boss made five


changes for his first home game The Swans are now without a win


in six Premier League home games. I thought the play of centre backs


was solid. Difficult to play against. I was satisfied. I think


that we had some good chances. Work to be done. But I have told


everyone, this is still something that we can build on.


A look at the weather forecast and it'll be a dry


but breezy start to the night, especially in coastal areas.


There'll be clear spells at first before conditions


Tomorrow outbreaks of rain will slowly move


Cloudy and grey, but winds lighter than today.


From me and the weekend team, have a good evening.


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