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Plaid Cymru leader, Leanne Wood, says the UK would have to be


prepared to accept some free movement of people, in order to stay


In her speech to the party's autumn conference, she said she accepted


the leave vote in Wales, but not a deal that would leave


Our Political Editor, Nick Servini, reports from Llangollen.


New infrastructure and a new relationship with the EU. That was


the focus today when Leanne Wood visited the site of a new science


block at a college near Wrexham. In her speech in Llangollen, she called


on Theresa May to listen to views from Wells, saying that while the


bargaining position was not as strong as the Scots, Welsh people


still deserved to have a say on Brexit. Her priority was clear,


protect the economy rather than control of borders. And she repeated


her claim that the so-called hard Brexit position favoured by the


Prime Minister was not the best option for Wales. Plaid Cymru accept


the referendum result. We might not have wanted this outcome but we have


to try and secure the best possible deal for Wales. But what we will


never accept is a negotiated deal which sees Wales worse off. This


weekend, Plaid has the luxury of being in Europe, its challenge is to


reconcile its support for soft Brexit, in which there could be


limited controls on immigration, with the wishes of so many people in


Wales converted to leave. Meanwhile, the debate continues over what kind


of relationship Plaid should have with Labour at the assembly. The


biggest cheer of Leanne Wood's speech came when she said she was


not seeking a coalition. Conference, we are not seeking a coalition with


the Labour Party. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE The party is


now in opposition but has struck a deal with Labour over the budget


this week. Assembly Member Neil McEvoy made the


most high-profile call against this, saying that Plaid should have


nothing to do with Labour. The simple truth is that what is right


for Wales is ending Labour rule. APPLAUSE You need to spend the next


4.5 years grinding them down, challenging them, at every


opportunity. This conference has been slightly


low-key, in keeping with the uncertainty surrounding Brexit. That


will have a major impact on where Plaid positions itself in future.


The Severn Tunnel has re-opened after closing for six weeks for rail


It was SHUT on the 12th of September for a ?10 million upgrade to prepare


The work was part of the wider scheme to electrify the main-line


from London to South Wales - and included installing


Swansea City's American owners have apologised to the club's Supporters'


Trust for failing to inform it of their final decision to appoint


Jason Levien and Steve Kaplan bought a controlling 68% stake


In today's home-game match programme they say not informing


the Trust's representative sooner 'was an error'


for which they 'take full responsibility.'


Well, the Swans welcomed Watford to the Liberty Stadium this afternoon -


they're yet to win at home this season after a 0-0 draw.


In League 2 Newport County are also without a home win having lost 3-1


A better afternoon for Wrexham in the National League beating


And Cardiff City's away match against Nottingham Forest


No score yet though at the City Ground.


Rugby - and in the Challenge Cup, Newport Gwent Dragons lost away


against Russian side, Enisei, earlier -


The Ospreys will face Lyon at 7:45pm.


With ten minutes played, no score there yet either.


Let's take a look at the weather forecast -


there could be the odd shower later - but it will become dry and chilly


Tomorrow, any fog will be slow to lift, however bright


or sunny spells will develop in the afternoon -


That's all from us for today - our next update is at 6:05pm tomorrow.


Until then, enjoy the rest of your Saturday. Hwyl fawr, bye-bye.


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