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Some councils could be forced to merge because of the rising


That's according Steve Thomas, the Chief Executive


of the Welsh Local Government Association.


He says social care costs are expected to double


in the next 15 years, and already struggling councils


could work with or merge with others so that they can deliver services.


Social care is the second-largest service within local government,


It supports over 125,000 vulnerable people, and employs more


But according to Steve Thomas, the extra costs of care could be


too much for councils, which are already struggling.


With an increasingly ageing population, Mr Thomas


predicts care costs will double over the next decade.


He told BBC Wales's Sunday Supplement programme


will be able to cope will be to merge.


Costs of social care will double in the next 15 years.


That is the elephant in the room for us, in


That is the thing that's going to drive a lot of


It also crowds up some of the other services.


So, I think active consideration of either mergers of authorities


or at least mergers of services will be commonplace


Last week the Welsh government announced an extra ?10 million


a year to help ensure the social care sector is strong


Much of that money will help meet the extra costs associated


with the introduction of the National living


Elections will be held in all of Wales's 22 councils in May.


Whoever wins, councillors will have to grapple with a care sector whose


costs are spiralling, while the same time trying


Steelworkers at Tata Works in Port Talbot are being urged


Plaid Cymru AM Adam Price say the offer is "unacceptable".


which would mean they accept a less generous pension in return


The unions say, while respecting Mr Price's opinion,


it's vital the workforce understands the proposals and maintaining


steel production has been key to discussions.


Tata says it can't comment while the consultation


Ten local authority leaders have backed a key report into the Cardiff


The proposals aim to create 25,000 jobs


in South East Wales and include schemes like the South Wales metro.


From Chepstow up to the heads of the valleys, the Cardiff capital


region city deal is a plan to grow the economy over the next 20 years.


Signed in March last year, ?1.2 billion is to be invested


into public transport and other projects.


The aim, to create 25,000 jobs and attract a further ?4 billion


An independent report has found the region could be more prosperous


and more sustainable if it becomes better connected and


Now the leaders of the ten local authorities covered by the plan have


unanimously endorsed the report, saying they accept the need


to develop a regional economic growth strategy


But last month concerns were raised that Cardiff councillors may not


agree to back the plan before the local elections in May.


The leaders endorsement means that work has now begun


This will be considered by individual councils, including


Football, and Cardiff lost 2-1 against Fulham at a poorly


attended Cardiff City Stadium in the third round of the FA Cup.


Their manager, Neil Warnock, said the sparse crowd


was a sign of the FA Cup's declining status.


Meanwhile, Swansea's new boss, Paul Clement, is planning


for a busy transfer window at the Liberty Stadium.


The Swans lost 2-0 yesterday against Hull.


The Cardiff born actor - Matthew Rhys - is hoping for success


at the Golden Globes in California this evening.


He's nominated for best performance for his role as Philip Jennings


in the TV series The Americans - a 1980s Cold War drama


Light rain and drizzle likely but it'll stay frost-free.


Tomorrow morning, rain, heavy in places and strong winds.


It'll become colder later, with sunny spells and showers.


And that's it for tonight from the Sunday team


More in our morning bulletins, but for now,


Good evening. Rain around for all of us over the next 24-hour. Then it


will turn colder later on this


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