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The UK's immigration policy has been unresponsive to Wales' needs


according to a former Shadow Immigration minister.


The Labour MP for the Rhondda, Chris Bryant, says the UK Government


should be awake to pressures in the devolved nations.


It says it's building an immigration system that works for everyone


Should Wales be in charge of its own borders?


Last week a group of MPs suggested immigration should


be partially devolved, sparking a lively debate.


Carmarthenshire has attracted thousands of migrant


Dozens have been employed by manufacturing firm


But the managing director isn't for devolving immigration.


The reality of it I think is an extremely complicated issue


and I don't think that Welsh government have the resource


or the knowledge to even cope with such responsibility.


The counter argument is that ministers in Cardiff are best placed


to understand what kind of immigration Wales needs


to boost its economy and improve services.


Recruiting GPs is an issue for communities across Wales,


so would devolving some control over immigration make it easier


If we had power over that then we could be more


responsive and responsiveness is what is required


The UK government and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn have said devolving


some control over immigration would be too complicated.


Former shadow minister for immigration Chris Bryant is also


opposed to the idea but believes the current system must


The UK government should be awake to the fact that in different parts


of the United Kingdom there are different pressures


In particular in relation to the NHS.


If South Wales feels that it has a shortage of orthopaedic surgeons,


then they should be able to say, "Excuse me, Mr government


minister or Mrs government minister in Westminster,


we need you to allow us to move quickly on this."


And I'm absolutely certain that hasn't been the case.


The UK government says its priority is to build an immigration system


You can see more on this story on Sunday Politics Wales


here on BBC One Wales from 11.40 tomorrow.


A Plaid Cymru MP has criticised Labour colleagues on a Commons


committee for not insisting the devolved nations be given a say


Carmarthen East and Dinefwr MP Jonathan Edwards says the Labour MPs


on the Exiting the EU committee, which has just published its first


report, have effectively gagged their colleagues in Cardiff


The Welsh Government says it's involved in ongoing discussions


The Severn crossings could be made free to use at night under


proposals being considered by the UK government.


It's looking at whether to remove the tolls between 10pm and 6am


as a way of dealing with a potential rise in traffic when the cost is cut


A fourth person has been arrested on suspicion


of murder following the death of a man in Newport.


Jan Jedrzejewski, who was 41, died after being found on a pavement


Concerns have been raised about the state of a pipeline


which burst above a village in Powys yesterday.


Up to 40 properties were affected after a pipe carrying water


from Lake Vyrnwy to Oswestry burst, flooding Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant.


United Utilities, which owns the pipe, says it has a robust


maintenance programme and is investigating


It's not so bad when it blows in the middle of a farmer's field


in the middle of nowhere, but when it blows on the outskirts


of the village, the potential for damage is far more serious here.


On to football and not a great start for Paul Clement in his first


Premier League game in charge at Swansea City.


They lost 4-0 against Arsenal at the Liberty Stadium.


Better news for Cardiff City in the Championship.


They earned a huge 3-2 win in the Severnside


In League Two, Newport County ended a run of eight defeats to hold


Colchester United to a 1-1 draw at Rodney Parade.


And in the National League, Wrexham gained a much needed


A quick look at the weather forecast and after some showers overnight,


tomorrow will be a cloudy and wet day with rain, mist and hill fog.


The rain will be heavy at times too, but will become patchier


I'll be back with our next update at 6.20 tomorrow evening.


Getting the detail of this cold snap is proving to be challenging and


will continue to be so over


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