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Charities say a rise in the number of people sleeping rough in Wales


has highlighted a "gap" in the Welsh government's approach


It comes after research suggests there's been an increase in people


living on the streets in the past year.


Here's our political reporter, Cemlyn Davies.


Myself and a couple of others, she's asleep, right in the corner there.


For seven years Alan Rayner lived on the streets of Swansea.


The former professional golfer's life


unravelled, as grief and alcohol took their toll,


Like I say, blankets or sleeping bags...


Alan is now off the streets and drink thanks to the


support he's received from organisations like the Walloch


charity, but the latest figures released by the Welsh


government show the number of people sleeping rough


Some of their results are based on a simple headcount carried


The estimated total number of people sleeping rough on the Welsh streets


That's an increase of 72% in 12 months.


That snapshot count followed another piece of research


During that fortnight an estimated 313 people


were found to be sleeping rough in Wales, up from 240 in 2015.


Tackling homelessness has been a priority for successive Welsh


governments, and recent housing legislation aims to make sure more


help is available for people at risk of losing their home.


We're better at preventing homelessness than we


used to be, but we're not so good at helping people


into that hole and once they are living on the streets.


The Welsh government said it recognises that there is


more to do and has made money available to help homeless people


regain their independence, like Alan has.


And you can see more on this on Sunday Politics Wales,


tomorrow morning from 11 o'clock, here on BBC One Wales.


Concerns have been raised over who'll pay to police


The UK Government will fund health, social care and education services,


The North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner has asked


The Home Office says the force will receive nearly


Less than an hour before Wales take on England in the Six Nations,


Dan Bigger and George North have both been named on


-- George North has failed a late fitness test.


Tens of thousands of people have gathered in Cardiff to watch one


the most highly anticipated matches of the tournament,


It doesn't come much bigger than the six nations. The city is buzzing.


Thousands are expected to pack the stadium and thousands more in


surrounding bars and pubs, Welsh and English fans are confident that


their side can claim the victory. We have got a fantastic chance. We were


in Rome last week. Amazing. We have got massive confidence in today's


game. England by ten. We do not want George North and Dan Biggar playing.


We are going to smash them. After injury, confirmation Dan Biggar is


fit and will start at fly half. George North is not recovered from a


leg injury he picked up in Rome. Alex Cuthbert will replace him on


the wing. With or without the changes, the Welsh go in as other


jokes. Eddie Jones says England playing well things in Cardiff is


one of the biggest jobs in world rugby. -- as underdogs. Hopefully it


is going to be a good 80 minute game. You realise you are in a very


fortunate place and you get to enjoy it and we hope we can put some


smiles on faces. Reigning champions England have 15 consecutive wins


under their belt. Kick-off is less than one hour away. Despite an open


roof, Wales hope the crowd will give them the boost they need to break


England's unbeaten run. Staying with rugby and England's


women hammered Wales at Cardiff Arms Park,


running in 11 tries There was a hat-trick


for wing Lydia Thompson. The weather forecast -


and it's feeling very cold It will stay cloudy,


cold and mainly dry overnight The bitterly cold wind


will continue tomorrow. We'll be back at around ten


to six tomorrow evening.


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