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Children and young people in Wales are almost twice as likely to try


A study by Cardiff University found over 18% of 11 to 16 years olds


The Welsh Government says the findings are "disappointing".


So this is quite a common form of e-cigarette these days.


Increasingly, e-cigarettes in general are becoming more common.


Good news for this e-cig company in Swansea who operate


We have a Challenge 25 policy where we train our staff


to challenge anyone who looks under 25 and to ensure we are not


We want people to trust us, we don't want to be selling to youths.


But according to research by Cardiff University,


more and more young people are experimenting with e-cigarettes.


A survey of more than 32,000 children aged between 11 and 16


showed that students were nearly twice as likely to have used


e-cigarettes as compared to smoking tobacco.


2.7% of those that took part said they used


The Welsh Government had intended to ban the use of e-cigarettes


That proposal failed and the plans have now been shelved


but responding to this research, the Government said


it is disappointing to see experimentation with e-cigarettes


In a bid to stop e-cigarettes from appealing to children,


health officials have already called for a ban on the sale


of confectionery-like flavours for the devices.


Irrespective of what we feel about e-cigarettes and their possible


relationship to smoking, or in fact other drug use,


it's actually not a good thing in and of itself and large numbers


of young people using e-cigarettes on a regular basis we think


is something we should be concerned about.


It's a potential public health issue for an industry


Former Labour leader Neil kinnock has criticised Jeremy Corbyn's


handling of the Brexit vote, saying it's turned Tory


divisions over Europe into a problem for Labour.


He told the BBC's Sunday Politics Wales


programme Mr Corbyn should've allowed a free vote


More than 40 Labour MPs - eight from Wales -


The Labour leader made a strategic error in not saying there should be


a free vote so that members of Parliament could reflect the vote


in the areas that they represent and then simultaneously a focus


really hard on what the conditions of our departure are to be.


A body of man from south Wales who went missing while hiking


56-year-old Charlie Clift was last seen in Fort William


Opponents of the takeover of Dee Valley Water have


The High Court approved an ?84 million takeover


Shareholders say they've dropped the legal challenge so that


Firefighters have tackled a large fire at a sports centre in Torfaen.


The owners of the Football Factory in Cwmbran say they're heartbroken


after the blaze broke out yesterday evening.


Football, and in the last few minutes Swansea have secured


a much needed 2-0 win against Leicester City


Meanwhile, yesterday in the Championship,


Cardiff City earned a 2-0 victory away to Leeds United.


And in the National League, Wrexham drew 1-1 against Dover Athletic.


Rugby, and Wales coach Rob Howley says he was proud of his side's


performance against England in the six nations,


up until the visitors grabbed victory in the closing minutes.


A late try meant England claimed a 21-16 win in Cardiff.


An open roof but a heated atmosphere at the Principality Stadium ahead


of a much anticipated fixture in the Six Nations.


It was a penalty apiece after 17 minutes but it was England


who scored the first try, Ben Youngs crossing the line.


But then just before half-time, a superb try from Liam Williams,


Wales took a five point lead at the break.


In the second half, England pushed the Wales defence


but Dan Biggar intervened, denying England the points.


As the clock ticked on, still tight but it looked


like Wales could do it, but with just over four minutes


to go, after a poor clearing kick from Jonathan Davies,


Elliot Daly accelerated past Alex Cuthbert to put England ahead.


We had the opportunities and we played some good stuff,


unfortunately the last ten minutes depicts in terms of the result


and unfortunately our composure sort of let us down.


England celebrated stretching their winning run to 16 matches


but Welsh hearts broken, the victory snatched away.


It'll be a dry but largely cloudy night.


Looking ahead to tomorrow, staying dry but it's


going to be very windy, with increasing amounts of sunshine.


It'll still feel cold, with some severe gales.


We'll be back with our next update, at the slightly later time of 11.20.


Good evening, dull, grey, cold, miserable. And that's just me! The


weather hasn't been


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