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Wales' Finance Secretary has urged the Treasury to abandon austerity,


and boost cash for public services and the economy ahead


Mark Drakeford has outlined his concerns about the UK Government's


planned spending cuts, which he says could see a


?175 million cut to the Welsh budget.


Here's our Political Correspondent, Arwyn Jones.


The budget is the big chance for the UK Government to prioritise its


So, it's a the first run out for the new Chancellor, Philip


In the past, it's meant that big-ticket items like the M4


relief road can get the green light, although motorists will know these


Now Wales' finance secretary has written to his


counterpart in the UK Government urging him to announce extra funding


for health and social care services, which he said had faced significant


Well, there are ?3.5 billion worth of


Cuts that have already been announced, but where the


Chancellor has not yet said were those cuts will fall.


Now, a share of those cuts could be as much as


And I urge the Chancellor to turn his back on those


cuts, to say, "No, they will not be happening."


Mr Hammond said this morning there wouldn't be a big


spending spree and that the job of reducing the national debt is


Those who know the Chancellor said the challenge


will be to show him the numbers add up.


This is where the challenge is for Welsh politicians in terms of


securing more investment into Wales, make winning economic arguments.


With George Osborne, it was much more about the politics,


particularly in the run up to the 2015 general election.


We are now in a phase where actually cold hard


economic arguments will sway the Treasury, probably little else.


Many politicians in Swansea will be hoping that the Tidal Lagoon gets


the nod, but they will have to wait until Wednesday, like the rest


It isn't just about the huge billion pound projects.


Carolyn Harris's eigh-year-old son Martin died


She had to borrow money to pay for his funeral and now won the


Chancellor to help families in a similar situation.


I tried to give him an insight into just how painful


that time is and how you don't consider


the cost and anything, you


just consider how you're going to get through every day.


So, to remove the cost would be doing such a


marvellous thing for any family, not even have to consider that.


So, on Wednesday, all eyes will be on 11


Downing St to see what Philip Hammond manages to pull out of his


More than 300 taxi drivers in Denbighshire have completed


training to help spot the signs of child sexual exploitation.


The council introduced the compulsory course last year,


after the Rotherham abuse inquiry found taxi drivers had played


Emergency services led by Central Beacons Mountain Rescue


have carried out a major operation to rescue two walkers swept over


After a four hour operation, they were winched out by helicopter


New research by Cardiff University has revealed that ancient footprints


discovered on a Gower beach are 7,000 years old.


When the prints were first uncovered back in 2014,


researchers believed they were from the Bronze Age,


but a special scientific technique has suggested they could be


thousands of years older and could belong to


With the shifting sands and rising tides, the printer difficult


What they found, frozen in the form of fresh water marshland peat,


is a snapshot of one moment in time seven millennia ago.


So, it's not just human footprints here, we also have


And there is also one possible wild boar


So, we think they were probably walking through


this landscape, perhaps stalking their prey as they are walking


Initially, it was believed they were Bronze Age, but scientific


research has proved it was far earlier.


What we did was we took samples from the peat that they are


set within and we did radiocarbon dating of those samples.


That gives us an earlier state that they could


have been made and they must be made soon after the formation of those


For archaeologists, the challenge now is


to preserve the prints before the lost again.


Here in the museum, we do have a number of plaster casts


that have been taken of some of these footprints and really,


They last just a matter of days, maybe even hours,


because of the weather and the tides.


So, it's a great challenge to be able to preserve them and


These footprints were literally lost in the sand of time.


Now uncovered, they give us an incredible snapshot into an ordinary


Thousands of runners braved the rain this morning in two separate events


More than 2,000 people took part the Newport Half Marathon,


and around 3,000 descended on Cardiff's Bute Park


The winds and showers will ease overnight, leading


to some clear spells by the early hours.


Apart from some rain across southern parts during the morning,


it'll be a dry and bright day with some decent sunny-spells


and a few isolated showers. Top temperature, around ten Celsius.


Hello, as was the case on Saturday there was a lot of whether around


today. Showers for some, some saw


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