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The world number one initially struggled


A Plaid Cymru Assembly member, suspended as a councillor


for bullying behaviour, should also be suspended as an AM,


senior party sources have told BBC Wales.


Neil McEvoy has been suspended for a month after a tribunal ruled


he broke Cardiff Council's code of conduct.


Here's our Political Editor, Nick Servini.


He's a controversial figure who is not afraid of the limelight.


Yesterday, the Plaid assembly member, Neil McEvoy, faced the


Adjudication Panel for Wales, which found he broke


Today he was among friends, but not everyone was happy.


One Plaid AM, Bethan Jenkins, said he


Other sources told BBC Wales he should be


I'm here to just carry on doing my job, I'm here to


speak at the conference, I'm here now, hopefully,


to set up an equality section to campaign on equalities.


And I will stand up for my residents.


The party will make a decision next week.


The chair said it has been treated seriously.


Neil McEvoy has clearly been the big talking


point today, partly because


he's leading Plaid's efforts in the council elections in Cardiff.


But the problem for Plaid is this, an


official adjudication panel has upheld a complaint of bullying


And bullying is something that the leader of Plaid,


Leanne Wood, has campaigned strongly against.


Elsewhere at the conference, on the policy front,


Plaid's economy spokesman Adam Price has said the party


money to help fund education by putting a penny on income tax.


It's the first time this has been floated


by Plaid, and an early reflection of the tax-raising powers


We will ask the people of Wales over the summer how these


Should we raise a penny for a purpose dedicated


200 million for our schools and colleges could close the


gaping chasm of funding for students between Wales and our neighbours.


Raising taxes is clearly not a popular


pay for the NHS will add something different,


and something Plaid hopes will


generate much-needed traction with voters.


The Health Secretary, Vaughan Gething, has announced


an extra ?27 million for GPs in Wales for the next


Family doctors will get a 1% pay rise, and extra money


to cover surgery costs and indemnity insurance.


But surgeries will also be expected to deliver


GP leaders say the changes are part of a wider review


A new package for pay and expenses to help GPs run their businesses and


deliver patient care, and in particular a new range of enhanced


services, is improve services by people in nursing and residential


care, improve get the people with diabetes. It as a commitment to


recognising the extraordinary pressures facing general practice


finances and then ensuring we have got some time and headspace to make


sure we can have a proper contract that will meet the needs of the


Welsh population going forward. Around 100 organisers of LGBT


and Pride events from across the UK are holding their first spring


conference at the Senedd. The UK Pride Organisers Network


is behind more than 90 events. The Communities Secretary,


Carl Sargeant, says the Welsh Government recognises


the importance of Pride events as a positive stance


against homophobic discrimination. Some football scores for you -


and there was more Premier League success for Swansea City,


after a 3-2 win against Burnley. In the Championship,


Cardiff City lost 2-1 to Queens Park Rangers -


with an own goal by Jazz Richards A disastrous afternoon for bottom


of league two Newport County, with a 4-0 defeat against Leighton


Orient. But Wrexham beat Braintree Town 2-1


in the National League. Rugby - and in the Pro 12 -


and defeat for the Newport Gwent Dragons, beaten 47-17 by Glasgow,


despite this late The Cardiff Blues host


Munster this afternoon. With just over half an hour played,


still no score at the Arms Park. The weather forecast,


and rain will spread from the south-west in the early


hours, with some heavy A cloudy day tomorrow with outbreaks


of rain for much of the day, occasionally heavy before the rain


eases in the evening. A windy day, with gale force winds


along the south coast.


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