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Welsh councils say more investment in social care is needed


here after extra money was announced for England in the


Social care funding in Wales has been protected


Labour Assembly Member Eluned Morgan told BBC Wales' Sunday Politics


programme a new strategy is needed to deal with the demands


Jonathan Parker and his family are amongst the thousands that


Support workers provide 17 hours a week of care


I go for walks and I go, I go bowling.


The council pays an organisation to provide support for Jonathan


so he can live at home and be independent.


In the budget, the Chancellor announced an extra ?2 billion


As a result of that and other spending announcements,


the UK Government says, over four years, there will be


around ?50 million a year for the Welsh government.


It's not clear yet how much of that, if any, will go to social care,


but Welsh councils say there is an urgent need


We've got a ?90 million pressure on an annual basis


on Welsh social care, so, you know, even if the whole


50 million goes in from the Welsh government, it still doesn't meet


I think there is potential for us to marry here economic development


with the care service, in the sense that we could be


starting to build homes, for example, that are adequate


for a longer term future for housing older people.


That is something where we could build an economic


I think that is something we can start to be creative with.


Providing care at home is the main theme of a plan published this week


by a new organisation, Social Care Wales.


It launches officially next month and takes over from the Care Council


They are very complex issues and a growing situation.


But I'm confident that we have here in Wales the tools now to get


to grips with the challenges that we have got.


The Welsh government will have to balance competing demands


on the extra cash from the budget, but whatever the decision,


it's certain more money won't provide all the answers.


Flights between Cardiff and Anglesey will be run by a new operator


Eastern Airways has been appointed to run the service


after the previous operator City Wing went into liquidation.


The Welsh government pays an annual subsidy


All pre-booked tickets will be valid on the new planes.


A 22-year-old man was treated in hospital after an incident


in Swansea City Centre in the early hours of this morning.


Police went to the Kingsway at around half past 3


Nearby roads were closed for a short time to allow forensic


Speaking up for voters who oppose Brexit will help


the Welsh Liberal Democrats in May's local elections.


That's according to their President Roger Williams


who was speaking at the party's conference in Swansea.


Delegates there voted to call on the UK government to allow


a referendum on the terms of leaving the EU.


The Liberal Democrats have accepted the result.


It's the will of the people but we also were very conscious that


15 million people voted to stay within the European Union as well.


We have to take into account their view,


because they have a role to play in this process as well.


Snooker and Judd Trump has won the Player's Championship which has


been staged in Llandudno for the first time.


He beat Marco Fu 10-8 in the final to take home


Before I go, a look at tomorrow's weather and it will be


mainly fine and dry, with bright or sunny spells.


Although, it'll be cloudier for a time in the west with some


We're back in Breakfast tomorrow from around 6.25am.


From all of us on the weekend team, goodnight.


But from all of us here, have a good night.


Good evening. For many places it was a fairly cloudy day on suspend but


there was sunshine for western areas during the afternoon, and here are


the clear skies at sunset in Northern