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Unless new rules are established post-Brexit, a "trade war"


could develop between the nations of the United Kingdom -


that's the warning from the First Minister.


It's the kind of issue Carwyn Jones wants to talk about as part


of the Labour Party's constitutional convention, which he's


launching to discuss the future make-up of the UK.


As we prepare to leave the European Union, is the union


conference in Cardiff yesterday, the Prime Minister set


out her desire to creating a more united Britain.


In the next few weeks Theresa May will


formally start the Brexit negotiating process.


At the same time the First Minister would like


to discuss the UK's future post-Brexit.


If we don't have any rules at all about what can happen


in the UK after we leave the EU, we could have a rade war


-- in the UK after we leave the EU, we could have a trade war


between the different nations, that could cost


jobs, a lot of money, that affects ordinary people,


and that needs to be resolved as soon as possible.


Nonsense, says the leader of the Welsh Conservatives.


I'm baffled by this pronunciation of "trade wars".


The union of the United Kingdom has been around for many centuries.


As I last looked at the constitutional settlement,


trade and industry certainly wasn't devolved.


It is the kind of topic these two and other senior Labour


figures will discuss as part of the party's


Constitutional convention, launching in Cardiff


Today, the former Prime Minister Gordon Brown called for


more powers to be transferred to Scotland after Brexit.


The Scottish First Minister, in Aberdeen this


weekend for the SNP conference, would like to go


for a second independence Referendum.


Unless the UK government starts listening to Wales and the


other devolved nations, the first Minister warns the battle to keep


You can watch the full interview with Carwyn Jones


on the Sunday Politics Wales on BBC One Wales tomorrow


160,000 images are recovered every time an online child sexual


That's according to South Wales Police, who have made 43 arrests


It is warning about the increase in sharing of sexual images


of under-18s online as part of national


Hundreds turned up to a rally in Cardiff organised


Among those attending, local MP Jo Stevens,


Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood and Muslim teacher Juhel Miah


from Swansea, who was denied entry to the United States


Rugby - and Wales lost to France in a dramatic end


They led by five points until the 99th minute of the game,


in one of the longest matches on record.


They were playing for position, second, that is. Four tries and a


bonus point in Paris, but this was France crossing the line. The Welsh


response was halted. A sin bin for a deliberate knocking on. On offence


Jonathan Davies had just got away with. But no penalty try. The


referee less satisfied than the crowd that George North would have


scored. Three points from Leigh Halfpenny would have to do. Again


and again. The full-back narrowed the gap as the Frenchman returned to


the pitch and just before half-time, Wales one point behind after a mixed


bazaar. It was not the start to the second many wanted. The captain was


off after ten minutes. Leigh Halfpenny provided consolation,


giving the Welsh the lead with a 55 metre penalty but it was the end


that mattered. The Blues brought on a fresh prop after 80 minutes and


then a yellow card for Samsung after some confusion for everyone when


Thomas Francis replaced him, but they played on so long that he came


back on before a bizarre break to check if George North had been


bitten. It's descended into farce. But France were the team eventually


emerging on top. Just five seconds short of 100 minutes, they got the


try with a kick sealing it for the French, 20-18.


Swansea currently 0-0 against Bournemouth.


In the Championship, Cardiff City won 3-1


Newport County ended their revival with a 3-1 loss against Blackpool


and Wrexhamlost 3-nil to Forest Green in


Let's take a quick look at the weather.


Tonight will stay cloudy with a risk of more rain with winds


Tomorrow will start cloudy and windy with more rain,


but things may brighten up across the north later.


We'll be back tomorrow evening at 5:50.


Thanks for watching and have a good evening.