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A gay clergyman has accused the Anglican Church in Wales


of homophobia after he was rejected for the role of Bishop of Llandaff.


The Dean of St Albans, the Very Reverend Jeffrey John,


The Church in Wales strongly deny the accusation.


A closely guarded process, but the selection of the next


Bishop of Llandaff has taken longer than expected.


The first meeting of an electoral college of church officials


Now, a leading gay cleric, who narrowly missed out on the role,


says homophobia played a part in his rejection.


It is understood the Very Reverend Jeffrey John received


a majority of the votes, but not the two-thirds majority


He says homophobic remarks had been made


In a letter to the Bishop of Swansea and Breccon,


he said he has been told by an existing Bishop


that it would be too much of a headache to appoint him.


He goes on to say the only arguments against his appointment


were directly related to his homosexuality


and/or civil partnership, namely that his appointment


would bring unwelcome and unsettling publicity to the diocese.


Mr John has missed out on a Bishop role before.


He was nominated as Bishop of Reading in 2003, but he was asked


to withdraw by the then Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams.


The Church in Wales says the process for a new Bishop


of Llandaff will continue, so they won't be making any


Asked about the accusations of homophobia,


they said the Bishops would deny it.


Jeffrey John himself has declined to be interviewed on the issue.


A Wales Office minister has described Scotland as


"another country" after a recent trip to Edinburgh.


In a newspaper column, Aberconwy MP, Guto Bebb,


It comes after First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, announced


she'll seek a second referendum on Scottish independence.


Secretary of State for Wales, Alun Cairns, said Mr Bebb's comments


were designed to generate discussion on the issue.


A suspected explosive device has been found on a Gwynedd beach.


North Wales Police were alerted to the find just south


of Porth Neigwl, near Abersoch on the Llyn Peninsula - at around


A 100-metre cordon has been placed around the device -


which is due to be detonated safely tomorrow morning.


Parks in Cardiff are set for a ?600,000 regeneration,


as the city gets ready to host the Champions League


Changing rooms will be refurbished at Trelai Park, with new drainage


A number of playgrounds will also benefit, with the money from


the Champions League Legacy Cash, and the council.


An event has been held in Cardiff to highlight the plight


of a British-Iranian woman imprisoned in Iran on charges


Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was detained while trying to leave


the country with her baby daughter in April 2016.


Her sister-in-law, Rebecca Jones - who's a GP in Cwmbran -


says the UK Government should publicly condemn what's happened.


The Foreign Office says it's supported the family


Nazanin went to a year ago to celebrate the Iranian festival of


the year and then was detained suddenly and we haven't seen her


since. Her daughter Gabriella has been taken away from her, is still


trapped in Iran under the care of Nazanin's parents, and we are


desperately, desperately trying to get them back reunited and back


home. Rugby and Six Nations officials


will review events in the closing stages of Wales' 20-18


loss to France. Wales coach Rob Howley says he's had


to "question the integrity of our game" after France replaced


prop Atonio with Slimani in extra time, after he'd already been subbed


earlier in the 100-minute match. They will also look at into


an alleged bite on George North. Ice hockey and the Cardiff Devils


have been crowned the Elite League champions tonight -


their first league They beat the Sheffield Steelers 6-2


last night to secure the trophy, as well as beating


the Fife Flyers tonight 6-1. It's their second silverware this


season after winning Let's take a quick look


at tomorrow's weather now. And after a mostly cloudy,


mild and wet night for most. It'll be a breezy day


with rain at first. The worst will be in


the south of the country. Brighter spells should


develop in the afternoon, although there will still be


a chance of one or two Highs on Monday


of around 11 Celsius. We'll have updates from 6.25


tomorrow morning in Breakfast. Good evening. There is some rain


coming into the southern half of the UK as we speak. I think by the end


of the night it will have got into the Midlands and much of