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Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has appealed for unity in the party -


He was addressing the Welsh Labour conference in Llandudno -


which also heard from the First Minister.


Carwyn Jones announced the Welsh government would scrap


burial fees for children - and provide an extra


Here's our political correspondent, Daniel Davies.


You keep seeing and hearing it around this conference, the call for


unity. Unity has been in short supply between Jeremy Corbyn


supporters and opponents. When he got here today, late thanks to a


delayed train, he asked all concerned to bury the hatchet.


United we stand, divided we fall and united I believe this great party


can do things together to achieve for the people that need Labour


councils and above all need a Labour government and a society based on


social justice and equality. He also said the UK Government should borrow


more money to fund new infrastructure. As any homeowner who


has had a mortgage knows, taking on a huge debt can save you money in


the long run. We should not be afraid of debt or borrowing.


Fairness was the theme with policies to help people in work and bereaved


parents. More funding for social care, no more child bury these, a


better deal for commuters and fair deal at work. That is the sort of


Wales we were elected to deliver. Despite occasional differences of


opinion Welsh Labour has avoided the bitter rows seen in Westminster.


Carwyn Jones tried to remind members of the warm glow they felt after the


97 general election victory which swept Tony Blair into office. The


message that if they want to relive those highs they need to respond to


what voters want, not fight amongst themselves.


A man has been arrested on suspicion of


causing death by dangerous driving, after a car hit a traffic light,


It happened in the Gorseinon area of Swansea yesterday.


It's been revealed that one of Wales' most wanted


criminals was caught - after he was spotted by BBC cameras


Terrence Earle was on the run in Amsterdam in 2015 -


after he and his brother, Michael, tried to smuggle


half a million pounds worth of drugs into south Wales.


Football and Wales' players say they CAN still qualify


for the World Cup - despite drawing against


Neil Taylor was said to be "distraught" after breaking


Seamus Coleman's right leg - he'll miss the game against group


leaders Serbia in June, along with Gareth Bale,


There is plenty to ponder after a disappointing night in Dublin. I


thought we had to win the game last night because then you are allowed a


couple of mistakes between now and the end of the campaign. But I think


we have to go to Serbia now and win. But they will have to do it without


Gareth Bale who is suspended after being booked for a second time in


this campaign. You cannot directly replace him because of who yes but


if you're going to get a World Cup there are times you had to come


through certain situations. Neil Taylor will not be there either,


sent off after breaking a leg of Seamus Coleman. The Republic of


Ireland captain was given oxygen on the pitch before going to hospital.


Are with him, and of course Neil Taylor is devastated himself. He's


not that type of player. It was Wales force considered a draw, not


the form of a team going to the World Cup. -- fourth consecutive


draw. Some football results


for you and Newport County lost 2-1 In the National League,


Wrexham drew 1-1 with Torquay. Rugby and despite scoring three


tries, Cardiff Blues narrowly A late try from the home


side allowed them to Quick look at the weather


and skies will stay clear, meaning a chilly night,


with a touch of frost for some. Tomorrow will be another dry and


warm day, with plenty of sunshine. I'll have our next update


at 6:50pm tomorrow evening. Until then - from everyone


on the weekend team - bye bye. Good evening. What a belter of a day


it has been. If


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