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Another Conservative politician has criticised the decision to allow


former Ukip AM Mark Reckless into their group in the Assembly.


Monmouth AM Nick Ramsay says he's not sure now whether he is a member


of a Conservative or a "hybrid independent group".


More from our political editor Nick Servini.


The Welsh Conservative MPs, Craig Williams, Byron Davies


and Simon Hart have already been openly critical of the decision


to bring Mark Reckless into the Tory fold at the Assembly.


Now, for the first time, one of the Conservative Assembly


Members, Nick Ramsay, has entered the fray.


At the heart of this is the fact that Mark Reckless, pictured


here with the Welsh Conservative leader, Andrew RT Davies


on Thursday, has become a Welsh Conservative AM when he's


There is still too much bad feeling within Tory ranks for that to happen


because of his high-profile defection from being a Conservative


MP to Ukip, two and a half years ago.


This has led Nick Ramsay to question the status of the group if it's not


entirely made up of card-carrying Tory members.


I was elected as a Welsh Conservative and I sit


Now, today, I am faced with a situation that I'm not


I believe I'm still a Welsh Conservative but I want to be told


you are able to go into that next Assembly election as a Conservative


and campaign on a policy agenda set by that


It's quite clear that we now have a group that will not


The Conservative rule book says you cannot become an AM


Some say those rules would have had to be suspended


Not so says Andrew RT Davies who insists the decision


There's been nothing from Mr Davies today.


His supporters, though, have questioned why Nick Ramsay


failed to voice his concerns when he had the chance to do so.


This story has involved a mix of delving into the party rule book


and old-fashioned Tory tribal antagonism towards Mark Reckless.


Now senior Conservatives in London do not want


a high-profile split in the party between Westminster and Cardiff.


But there is a feeling behind-the-scenes that


Andrew RT Davies has entirely misjudged the mood of the party


Nick Servini, BBC Wales Today, at the Senedd.


After an increase in the number of lifeboat rescue


call-outs last year, the RNLI is urging people to keep


safe if they're visiting the coast over the Easter holidays.


RNLI lifeguards have been on duty at Three Cliffs Bay


on Gower since last year, after two people died within two


Three Cliffs is quite a dangerous beach.


The main reasons is the geographics of it, we have got a tidal river


Because there's been no lifeguard service until last year,


a lot of members of the public weren't very educated


on where the safest area was to swim.


And we've really made a good impact on that.


Police investigating a serious road traffic collision


between a motorbike and a white van on the B4358 between Newbridge


on Wye and Beulah this afternoon, are searching for the driver


The injured motorcyclist was taken to hospital by Air Ambulance


and is said to have possible life changing injuries.


He's in a serious but stable condition.


Rugby - and Ospreys fly-half, Dan Biggar, is having concussion


tests after initially passing a pitch-side examination


during their Pro 12 defeat to Leinster yesterday.


In a post match interview Biggar said he couldn't really remember


much of the last 10 minutes of the game.


The Ospreys say the Wales international must pass


return-to-play protocols before playing again.


And the Cardiff Devils have narrowly missed out on achieving


the ice-hockey grand slam this evening.


They lost 6-5 to the Sheffield Steelers during overtime


in the final of the Elite Ice-hockey league play-off.


They were hoping for the treble having previously won both


the Elite League and the Challenge Cup.


Time now for a quick look at the weather forecast.


A band of cloud and rain will clear overnight with some frost in places


Tomorrow it'll feel colder than today with patchy


More in the way of sunshine in the afternoon.


There'll be more news in our breakfast bulletins.


Good evening. Was it spring or summer today? They crushed and some


of you may have been asking. A beautiful day across much of eastern


and south-eastern England. We saw highs of 25


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