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A police operation is underway this weekend -


aimed at reducing the number of motorbike related


In some areas, like North Wales, there's been a slight increase


in the number of motorcyclists killed - although the nation


North Wales Police say a loss of control while overtaking


or tackling bends is behind many accidents - as Carys Notley reports.


The Horseshoe Pass near Llangollen, a particular favourite among bikers


keen to ride fantastic, winding and picturesque roads.


But they can prove dangerous and that's why North Wales Police


are out again, as part of a Wales-wide operation


Operation Darwen is about road safety for everybody.


What we do see, sadly, though, is that motorcyclists,


some motorcyclists do come to our attention more


Motorbikes make up just 0.2% of traffic in Wales


but they account for 41% of deaths and serious injuries.


But for the first time in five years, the number of motorcyclists


killed or injured in road accidents here has dropped.


Figures show there were 693 incidents in 2015, that's compared


to a seven-year high in 2014, of 749.


A step in the right direction but for some,


Not only has the amount of traffic escalated,


that is a mix of cars, motorbikes and cyclists.


That's a concern because you've got people who go slowly and people


who go moderately and some people who go very fast.


And on bends round the Horseshoe Pass, that can be dangerous.


Operation Darwen runs from spring through to the autumn when officers


will regularly patrol the roads favoured by bikers.


They say it's all about raising awareness and ensuring motorists


enjoy some of Wales' most scenic routes safely.


Three local authorities are to avoid fines of more than ?600,000,


for missing a recycling target last year.


Newport, Blaenau Gwent and Torfaen should've recycled


But the Welsh Government has decided not to penalise them -


saying it expects their performance to improve.


The National Library of Wales is part of a new sound archive network.


It'll become one of ten "sound preservations centres", that'll work


with the British Library to protect rare and unique recordings.


In Wales alone, 5,000 items will be digitised.


They are all on various formats from old wax


cylinder recordings, vinyl, old tape recordings


and cassettes and they are vulnerable because they are decaying


and also we haven't got the machines to play this type of format any more


Onto sport and Swansea City stay in the bottom three


in the Premier League, after losing 1-0 at Watford.


It's a fifth defeat in six for the Swans -


but there's some comfort for them - because fellow relegation contenders


A big afternoon of rugby in the capital.


More than 60,000 fans have descended on Cardiff city


centre for Judgement Day at the Principality Stadium.


This was the scene just before kick-off, in the first of two


matches between the four Welsh regions.


The first game saw a bonus point win for the Blues against the Ospreys.


The Blues dominated for much of the game -


scoring five tries - in their first Pro12 win over


The second half has just got underway in the game


between the Dragons and the Scarlets.


The current score - 6-3 to the Dragons.


Cricket and play is coming to an end on the second day of


Glamorgan's County Championship match against Worcestershire


On their second innings, the home side are 135-3 -


trailing the visitors by 67 runs with seven wickets remaining.


A look at the weather now, with Owain Wyn Evans.


You know it wasn't such a bad day across Wales today


We have this area of high pressure pretty much in charge.


This behind me is tomorrow's weather and what we will see


Back to tonight, a largely dry picture but we will see some


rain creeping into parts of North Wales, though.


It will turn a bit breezier and the wind direction is switching


to more of a northerly so the source region is colder.


Tomorrow, outbreaks of rain spreading down towards the south


east, drying up at times, blustery, top


Our next update's at 6.50am tomorrow evening.


Good evening. These and but not spectacular is probably a neat way


to describe the weather this Easter weekend. -- decent but not


spectacular. A bit of sunshine, patchy cloud


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