28/06/2011 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Minister is explaining his plans are of bring competition to


university tuition. Good guide. -- Good evening. They may have kept us


waiting longer than anticipated but when the thunderstorms arrive, boy,


they arrived. Thunder, lightning, minor flooding. Plumes of moisture


running up from Spain and France, pushing towards the East and


clearing away the humid air, producing violent storms. In their


wake, we are left with fresher conditions at last. There is a


north-westerly airflow with sones of cloud in the North West at the


moment producing showers. The cloud will slowly break-up in eastern


parts of England. It will be clear and cool overnight, fresher and


more comfortable, across East Anglia and the South East after the


stickiness of recent nights. We go into tomorrow on a cooler night


then we have seen over the past few days. Sunshine and showers for many


of us. An emphasis on sunshine with cloud building up in North West


England, but generally dry. Sunshine to the East of the


Pennines. Cloud lingers in eastern coastal countries, -- counties, but


plenty of sunshine in the South and warming up. Above South West and


Wales, we will seek shower clouds starting to build, with one or two


on the go at 8 o'clock. Most places will be dry. We have seen some


showers working across Northern Ireland in the early hours of the


morning and there will be more to come. A scattering of showers


across Scotland at 8 o'clock but central and eastern areas will


start dry and sunny. There will be heavier showers through the day


pushing their way across Scotland and northern England and Northern


Ireland, towards the East. Showers turning lighter later on. Further


South, the emphasis will be on the dry rather than the wet. We will


see some showers in the South-East later in the day. 10 but is more


typical of this time of year. That is -- temperatures typical of this


time of year. Temperatures will build team what they should be more


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