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Office won't tell us or his solicitors or anybody else for that


matter, is when he was put on this list and why he's on the list in


the first place. A hospital where five women have


died in the maternity unit in the last 18 months is to be


investigated by the health watchdog. Most recently a woman and her


unborn child died at Queen's Hospital in Romford after the


mother's womb ruptured and staff tried to revive her with a


disconnected oxygen mask. And soon, the hospital will become a major


centre for thousands more patients, as our political correspondent Karl


Mercer reports. On the outside, it looks like the sort of hospital you


would want to go to but Queens in Romford isn't a picture of health


on the inside, criticised by health inspectors by poor care in its


maternity unit, care that left this man a widower last year. He lost


his wife Serena during complications during the birth. The


hospital has since apologised, admits mistakes were made. We were


very happy when we were going there. We were like, OK. We're going to


bring our baby back home, and I came all alone home. Today the Care


Quality Commission has announced it's sending in a team of


inspectors to check the A&E maternity units and others at


Queens, a last chance for the hospital to improve standards.


have been monitoring this Trust closely over the recent months. We


have been doing many unannounced inspections. We have been talking


to staff. We have been talking to patients, and we keep finding


things that are wrong. Under NHS plans, Queens is set to be the main


centre for maternity and A&E in outer London, a plan heavily


criticised by MPs from all sides. They welcome today's investigation.


Because they have had no money. They have cut services, and that's


put extra pressure on those existing services at a time when


the population is growing and demand is growing. This is the


woman who will have to sort out the problems at Queens. The Chief


Executive here is new and knows there are tough times ahead. Nobody


when they're ill and vulnerable want to be worried about going to


their local hospital, so I want this hospital to be a place that


the public feel confident, feel safe that they can use. The staff


are committed to delivering that, and I see the CQC report as a way


of demonstrating to the public that those early steps are in place.


inspection team move in on Monday. They report back in September.


The death of a crane driver at the Olympic Park was from natural


causes according to the police. The post-mortem examination results


found it was not a work-related death, so no further investigation


will be taken. The man believed to be in his 60s was found slumped in


the stairwell of his crane yesterday afternoon.


Two social workers sacked after the Baby P scandal will be able to


appeal against an employment tribunal ruling they were not


unfairly dismissed by Haringey Council. The former head of


Haringey Children's Service Sharon Shoesmith has defended Gillie


Christou and Maria Ward. She says the pair should never have lost


their jobs. Tottenham is refusing to give up in


its bid to move into the Olympic Stadium. The club is continuing its


legal challenge over the decision to award the 2012 venue to West Ham.


A judge rejected the bid for a judicial review last week, but


Spurs say they now intend to make their case in a hearing at the High


With millions of Olympic tickets already sold, people visiting the


capital for next summer's Games will be looking for somewhere to


stay. Whether you're thinking of letting out your own home or


hunting for somewhere to stay, the Met Police is warning people to be


on the look-out for fake websites. Our Olympic correspondent Adrian


Warner reports. This South London flat has been at


the heart of an accommodations scam. It was advertised on a website for


short-term rent, but the person offering the flat didn't actually


own it. He just borrowed pictures of it from another accommodation


website. Alison Stevenson, who lives in the United States, saw


them on this website and paid out a deposit of �600 before realising


she'd been conned. It looked official. We had photos of it. We


had the address. This Roger, as he calls himself, sent a very long e-


mail telling us details of what was around the area. It all seemed very


legitimate. With millions of visitors coming for the Olympics,


there is a danger of more and more scams like this. The flat is


actually managed by a genuine property rentals business in London


run by Julie Maddison. She says as well as one fraudster using her


photographs, now another site has just hijacked her company identity.


It's a new website, which I have up here, and if you go to the home


page, you'll see that there is a ridiculously low price on a three-


bedroom apartment which is on Green Street in Mayfair. Click on to the


main page, you'll see Holiday Rentals London are running it.


That's not true. UnderNeath is our address. The Metropolitan Police


has set up a dedicated unit to fight organised crime related to


the Olympics. They made their first arrest related to internet ticket


touting. If you're seeking to find a premises, there will be the


genuine, legitimate companies who are doing that, but at the same


time, you're going to get the fraudsters there who look to make a


quick buck. Unfortunately, we're not going to know until July, next


year, whether you have been a victim or not. A tip as well is,


don't ever pass cash. If someone is asking you to use a money transfer


agent to pay cash for a purchase or to rent a property, no. With


millions of tickets sold, the rush for accommodation has already


started, and London doesn't want to be remembered by the world as the


Olympic city where visitors got ripped off.


BBC London has learnt about half of London's schools are expected to


close tomorrow as teachers go on strike in a dispute over changes to


their pensions. Thousands of union members are to walk out as part of


a national day of action by public sector workers. Figures collated by


BBC London suggest about 1,000 primary, secondary and nursury


schools in London will be shut, although precise closure numbers


will not be available until Thursday. Alice Bhanhukravi has


more. Quite a few of the 1,000 pupils at this school in Croydon


were hoping for a day off tomorrow, but they won't get one because,


despite the teachers' strike, the archbishop Lanfrane School will be


open. The whole of year 11 has already finished lessons for the


year, meaning it will be business as usual. It means that the number


of lessons that'll need different arrangements for supervision is


comparatively small, so even though we've got something like 18 members


of staff joining the action, it's not sufficient to cause us to close.


But at the primary down the road, the reverse is true. 80% of


teachers will be on strike here. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


And for the head teacher, the near united front means she's been


spared the tough choice about whether or not to open. Some heads


are taxed with one or two teachers out and then having to close


schools for just one or two classes, and I think that must be incredibly


difficult for families who have one sibling coming to school and


another not. Teachers feel really aggrieved about the proposals the


Government is putting forward, which they think is very bad for


the profession and which they think are completely unjustified, so 92%


of our union members voted for industrial action. The ATL, which


has never taken industrial action before, has also voted


overwhelmingly. Now even the head teachers' union, the National Union


of Teachers, has voted it's going to ballot for strike action as well,


so the Government really needs to understand it's lost the confidence


of the teaching profession almost completely. But in a letter to head


teachers in the capital, the Mayor of London reiterated the


Government's position. "I do not believe industrial action in our


schools, which will inevitably create considerable disruption to


the lives of children in the capital and working parents can be


justified". Some London councils followed suit, also urging schools


to stay open. The impact of such correspondence will be clear first


thing tomorrow morning. Football now, and Andres Villas


Boas has taken his first press conference since being installed as


Chelsea's new manager. The 33-year- old from Portugal admits he doesn't


expect to last long if he fails to bring trophies to Stamford Bridge.


Chris Slegg reports. This contains flash photography.


Chelsea's seventh manager in eight years may be the same nationality


as his predecessor, but Andres Villas-Boas says he's not another


"Special One." This is not a one- man show. Maybe I should be called


a group one. Want the group together to be successful. That's


my objective. As usual, the e-mail begins with a press conference, and


we know where it usually ends at Chelsea, the sack - regardless of


how many trophies you might manage to bring here, so what are Aunese


expectations of life in SW6? What you expect from this club is to be


successful straight away - to win, and Hope to be successful on a


weekly basis. There's no running away from that. I would be


surprised to be kept on the job if I don't win. It's as straightward


as that. He knows he won't get much time. The man chosen as his


assistant famously didn't need much as he scored this goal.


We had - the first thing that I told him when I called him was that


I had a feeling inside me that he was the right man for the job, not


only because of what he represents for the club, but also because of


the quality of West Brom and the quality of his work. When he's not


dealing with the players, he'll be dealing with the press, so what


first impressions did the 33-year- old in the Chelsea hot seat leave


on them? He breezed into a room of Fleet Street hacks and broadcasting


gurus, and he's charmed everybody. It's quite clear that Andres


Villas-Boas is intelligent, persuasive, cogent. He ticks all of


those boxes. Now the big question is whether he can actually do it,


whether he can deliver. questions the man known as "mini-


Mourinho" hopes to answer. Its exterior has been compared to a


large garden shed. But it's what's on the inside of the new Serpentine


Pavilion in Kensington Gardens that's getting the world of


architecture talking. Here's our arts correspondent Brenda Emmanus


reports. Its monastic frame hides a hidden


beauty that slowly reveals itself to its visitors. This is the latest


Serpentine Pavilion, for which its creator has placed a specific


purpose. To bring gardens back into architecture like they used to be


in architecture in ancient times in the east, in the medieval times, so


the garden in architecture has a little bit of a poor existence


around the house, but I think it should be the other way around, so


here you have the idea - the garden in the middle and the house around.


This annual commission allows the chosen architect to create their


ultimate summer hang-out to be enjoyed by the public. This is


Peter's first completed building in the UK, but he shares the glory


with Dutch designer Udof, who created his special garden so what


impact is our kairkristically unpredictable summer likely to have


on this project? The most beautiful impact, because, as we all know,


nature always looks beautiful also in bad weather.


The covered walkways and seating are to allow visitors the


opportunity to contemplate the beauty of this garden, which will


transform over time. The colours will change. It will grow


considerably. Some grasses start to die, so you'll also see the decay


of certain plants while others blossom. I think - I will - too bad


I don't live here. I would like to be here every week. The pavilion


There were a few showers around today, but fortunately, they


managed to avoid Wimbledon. It looks like a half decent day again


tomorrow for most of us. Tonight, ahead of that quite cool as skies


clear. Winds stay light. Temperatures dip away, but it means


after the recent heatwave another comfortable night for sleeping. The


odd shower to the south and east of town. Most of the cloud melting


away too, so we end up with pretty clear skies by the end of the night.


Temperatures dipping away eventually to 11-12C. Not


particularly chilly, but quite comfortable. Tomorrow morning, lots


of sunshine to start with, but as the morning goes on, temperatures


rise. We'll see cloud building up. Eventually we'll produce one or two


showers from lunch time onwards. They will be hit and miss. There is


a chance of interuptions at Wimbledon or the odd shower at


Henley. The weekend at the moment That's it for this evening. We're


Good evening. We have waved goodbye to the intense humidity and high


heat. But that's not to say there won't be pleasant summer sunshine.


It will be more comfortable. Cast your mind back to Sunday night


where temperatures were stuck in the mid teens. Tonight for quite a


few of us, it will drop down to single figures, a much fresher


night. The reason is we're behind this cold front. That was the run


that brought in the thunderstorms yesterday. We now have high


pressure settling things down, but we've still got a bit of a north-


westerly air flow bringing still a scattering of showers around at the


moment. There will still be a few to come tomorrow. They tend to die


out in many areas tonight. Under the clear skies, the it was fall


away nicely. Still some showers in the morning across the north-west.


They become more widespread tomorrow. There will be quite a bit


of sunshine around. It will be a fresh start with those temperatures


down at single figures first thing in the morning. The showers start


off in the north-west but become more widespread. We'll see intense


ones developing across north- eastern England by afternoon. Late


in the day the showers tend to ease in Wales and south-east England -


not too many across the Midlands. Sunshine here, but across


Lincolnshire all the way up across north-east England into Eastern


Scotland some heavy showers are likely with a risk of hail and


thunder. A sprinkling of showers across north-west Scotland. For


south-west Scotland, a few showers early on, but they should tend to


die out. The showers may well be dying out for the laifrpbt and


early evening for Northern Ireland. Good spells of sunshine here. It's


a similar story for Wales. A few showers around the middle part of


the day, but by the middle part of the day, most places dry and bright


with sunshine. 19, the high in Cardiff. The south-west by and


large having a fine end to the day. Sprinkling of showers, though,


further east. The chance there for a shower or two for Wimbledon and


ladies' semi-finals' day, but for the men's semi-finals, a fine day,


as is much of the UK. Another chilly stpwaut, then temperatures


up to 21-22C in the south-east, 18- 19C elsewhere. The vast majority


look like having a dry weekend, not wall-to-wall sunshine. Cloud


develops. Temperatures in the low teens, early 20s, much cooler than


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