13/07/2011 BBC Weather


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Good evening. Over the next couple of days we will all get at least


one day of fine, July sunshine. But the weekend however will see some


significant change. First of all, a look towards tomorrow. Maybe a


chilly start but most of us will have some sunshine. I say most of


us, because there will be one notable exception. It has been


cloudy across eastern areas and you can see that the cloud will thicken


up overnight and will start to feed some rein back towards East Anglia


and maybe Kent by the morning. For most, a fine night with clear


spells and a chilly one. Temperatures down to 11 or 12


across the south. Single figures further north. In rural Scotland we


may get close to freezing. A coltish start to Thursday, but the


sun is lifting by 9am. A beautiful staff across most of -- much of the


south-west and a good across parts of Wales and it will be feeling


quite warm by 9 o'clock. Northern Ireland has sunny spells but clouds


spilling towards the western we will see more cloud for the Western


Isles Scotland and a bit of rain is possible later on. For much of


Scotland, fine and bright, and a little bit chilly early on again


and by 9pm -- 9am, temperatures starting to rise. The North of


England is the main exception. Down to East Anglia it could be wet and


windy. Just the possibility of a little rain affecting the Kent


Coast line, so a Sandwich, maybe some rain, but the first major


factor will be the winds with gusts of maybe 30 mph. A blustery day for


the golfers here. Outbreaks of rain linger across the extreme east.


Other than the odd shower in the far north-west, most of us having a


fine day. Some cloud, but then temperatures responding after a


chilly start and into the low twenties. 13 or 14 for parts of


East Anglia though. But then it is all change on Friday. We have lost


the wet weather in the east and it is in the south-east we will have


the good sunny spells on the highest temperatures. Elsewhere, we


see a change with more cloud arriving and bringing the threat of


rain, all thanks to a depression and an area of low pressure will


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