14/07/2011 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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But just down to single so figures. -- temperatures down to single


figures. It will be a duller day tomorrow and eventually, outbreaks


of rain. For much of central and eastern England, it will be a fine


day with spells of sunshine. In the West, after a bright start, the


cloud will spread the threat of rain across parts of Devon and


Cornwall. It may well turn into a damp and drizzly afternoon. The


same goes for western parts. Further east, we may not see much


rain until late in the day. The west coast will turn breezier. For


most of the day, pretty drab in Northern Ireland with outbreaks of


light rain and drizzle. Eventually, that rain will spread to the west


of Scotland. For the East Coast, hanging on to brighter conditions


for a part of the day. The same goes for north-east England. For


most of the day-to-day, temperatures in Norwich were stuck


in the mid-teens. Much, much warmer tomorrow, helped by the sunshine.


Probably the low twenties at Sandwich, so much brighter here.


Crucially for the golfers, the wind will be lighter. Strengthening


again on Saturday, and Saturday could be a very soggy sand which


indeed. Not just in Kent, on Saturday, the rain. All thanks to a


big area of low pressure hanging around for the weekend. The weather


front will spread rain across all areas quickly on Saturday. The band


of rain followed by a host of blustery showers. To be just stuck


in the teens. Sunday will see a similar day. West across Scotland


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