15/07/2011 BBC Weather


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Good evening. Summer is not over, but this weekend it will resemble


Autumn at times. It's not looking pretty if you have outdoor plans


with wind and rain around. Pretty low temperatures too. To get us in


the mood, it's turning damp through the rest of the night. Much of this


rain is light and patchy. Heavier bursts turning up across more


northern parts of the country. Not desperately cold. Ten to 15 degrees


north to south. Tomorrow starts on a pretty wet and windy note. Some


heavy rain and strong winds sweep ing across England and Wales in


particular. For most of us it won't rain all day. You should see some


brightness at some stage. Through the morning, there will be some


very wet weather across England and Wales. Some gales around exposed


areas too. Mind the main area of rain, things brighten up ah, cross


the west. At lunch time, some sunshine across south-west England


and indeed Wales. But there'll be further showers rattling in on the


breeze. If you're heading to the beach, not ideal. Feeling cool as


well. Temperatures in the midteens. Some of the showers will be


thundery. In Northern Ireland, some sunshine, some showers. The showers


quite slow moving as they will be through Scotland. The winds here


will be fairly light. The best of the brightness in Scotland will be


across eastern areas. We'll see more persistent and heavy rain


spinning back in later. The rain should clear from northern England


for a time. It will be a struggle across the south-east. Here the


rain will be linger well on into the afternoon, particularly across


the far south-east. That's where the Open is taking place. No picnic


for the golfers here. Some rain gradually clearing by early evening


and the winds should be dying down as well.


So the rain clears out of the south-east through Saturday evening.


Into the early hours of Sunday morning, though, we're going to see


another batch of wet weather spiralling in through Scotland and


down into western parts of England and Wales an the winds will pick up


too. Again gales sweeping up the channel later in the day. The best


of any brightness probably across East Anglia and the south-east.


Temperatures 16 or 17, might squeak a 20. Ever sign of summer


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