22/07/2011 BBC Weather


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tomorrow for the weekend news. For now, have a very good night.


It's about time the weather started behaving itself. After a rather


cloudy, cool and at times wet week, this week in the prospect is


looking much better for the vast majority. Drier, brighter and that


bit warmer. If you take a look at the picture, the reason for the


finer conditions is this area of high pressure building in the West.


The low-pressure is going to come more into play as the weekend comes


on. That cloud is spreading towards Germany in time for the Grand Prix


on Sunday. Even before it hits our shores, the cloud is set to bring


some heavy and potentially thundery showers throughout the night. Maybe


one or two cross parts of north- west England. Most will have a dry


night. Clear skies and a chilly night for July. A little bit cooler


and the countryside. A chilly start to Saturday. Billy showers will


clear a way. Through the day, the wins will be increasing along the


east coast. More and the way of cloud, outbreaks of rain possible


as well. A few shower clouds popping up inland. For most it will


be a dry Saturday. The further west you are, the drier and sunnier it


will be. It feels more like some across the south-west and Wales. A


north-westerly breeze, but with long spells of sunshine and there


were the cloud you will feel the full benefit of strong July


sunshine. In north-west England, south-west Scotland and Northern


Ireland as well. With a northerly breeze, it might feel cool along


the northern coasts of Northern Ireland. In Scotland, that more


cloud and gale force wind in Shetland. Strong wind across the


eastern coastal strips. Central areas should be warm in the


sunshine, 20 degrees in Glasgow. Along the eastern coasts, it is


where we will seek a Cloudiest conditions, particularly in Essex


with a risk of rain. One or two showers close to Lord's and Ascot.


Saturday and Sunday, the pick of the wins along the coast. In East


Anglia, using a way as you going to Sunday. Strong wind, limited


towards the coastal strip. For many it will be brighter than Saturday.


More cloud into south-west England. For most of us it is another dry


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