21/07/2011 BBC Weather


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Good evening. A fine weekend coming up for most


of us, there will be one notable exception as we will see. For


tomorrow, same old, same old. It will be another showery day, and


some of those could be quite heavy. Today's showers has not died out


entirely, some lingering across western Wales, western England and


the southern counties, but most parts of the UK will end up drive


which broken cloud, some sunshine, and temperatures getting down to


single figures, a cool end to the night. Friday starts on a dry note


in most places, broken cloud, sunshine through the morning, but


showers from the word go across the western parts of England and Wales.


The trend will be four days to transfer over to the east. Out west,


things will improve -- the trend will be for those to transfer. Good


holiday weather in the south-west, through Devon and Dorset some sharp


showers, parts of Wales as well with the west of Wales seeing some


sunshine. Temperatures not spectacular, but with sunshine and


light winds, not a bad day for Northern Ireland and Scotland,


although there will be one or two showers around. Some showers for


northern England, but the heavy ones in the Midlands and East


Anglia, and southern England, thunder and lightning quite


possible. For the Test match, we could see some interruptions. It


should be a sunny start, but the showers will build up, and we will


see some heavy ones through the afternoon. Rain overnight across


the south-east, but that should clear, and for most Saturday is


looking good. Fewer showers, more sunshine and feeling warmer. But


you cannot help but notice that blob of blue in the North Sea. It


is not looking pretty three Saturday. Potentially wet, windy


and cold. Not a lot is going to change as we gazed through Saturday


into Sunday, which that low- pressure and weather front in close


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