20/07/2011 BBC Weather


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Good evening. If it is warm and sunny weather you are after, don't


hold your breath. Tomorrow, like today, is going to be rather cloudy


with some showers. But there is always something interesting. The


satellite picture shows the extent of the cloud, but we get underneath


that cloud during the course of the afternoon, it wasn't just rain


falling down. Up to was Coventry, we saw some funnel clouds. If that


had hit the ground, it would have been a tornado, and there were a


few of these spotted through this afternoon. The atmosphere is very


unstable. It has generated clouds and some very heavy showers. But


these will die away tonight, but one or two will linger through the


night. A lot of cloud around. Under the clearest of the skies, it will


turn quite chilly. Temperatures generally between 10 and 13 degrees.


A fresh start to the day, and it will be cloudy for many of us with


further showers. My two days are exactly the same, so showers today


and brightness tomorrow. The showers will develop a through


tomorrow morning and will be heavy and slow moving, mostly across the


southern half of the UK. That is not an exact prediction and it is


difficult to nail down the details. Mid-afternoon, there is a good


chance the far South West of England will hold on to some


brightness. The far west of Wales as well, but a few showers kicking


off across Wales, particularly in land. Northern Ireland will


probably get away with a largely dry day, with a bit of cloud than


sunshine. 17 degrees with light winds. A few sharp showers across


Scotland, particularly through the central belt across the afternoon.


You may avoid this. One area that will do well, north-east England,


compared to today. Some heavy and possibly thundery downpours across


parts of the Midlands, East Anglia and south-east England and that


does include Lords. So the test match could see some disruption.


Friday, another showery day, a good deal of cloud. Temperatures not


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