19/07/2011 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Good evening. It does not take much sunshine for things to warm up


quite nicely. We do not have a huge amount of sunshine. That is the


case again tomorrow. There will be further showers in the forecast. We


still have some heavy showers and round. They are clutched together


in south-east Scotland. Some of them could be nasty overnight. An


area of heavy showers clearing through Surrey and Sussex. It stays


wet across south-east Scotland and north-east England. There could be


some minor flooding in a few spots. In the south-west, the rain will


push him. Lightish a This Week elsewhere. It is not desperately


cold. A Gray starred across south- west England, but much of southern


and south-east England is drive. -- dry. It will feel quite warm.


Further north, heavy rain to begin with, making for an unpleasant


rush-hour. If you like to showers across Scotland. The brightest


conditions across the north-west. For Northern Ireland, showers, but


most of the tree will be dry. -- most of the day. For much of the


Isles of Scilly, Cornwall, Devon, the Channel Islands, a wet start.


The wetter weather will spread across other parts of southern


England, though it will turn sherry. -- showery. It stays wet down south.


One or two lighter showers, but many Western Areas should brighten


up with sunshine. Tomorrow night, a few showers, particularly across


England and Wales, and for firstly, the focus for the downpours will be


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