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29 today in Cambridge Boat 16 in Aberdeen. A day of contrasts in


what has been a summer of contrasts. But in July the contrasting


sunshine and rain for average out through the month, but a different


story with temperatures. It was colder than average and more at


night with some of the call a night-time conditions since 1980. I


bet some of you will be longing for that. A sticky night that there


were rumbles of thunder across parts of the East Midlands,


Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire but away from that, dry, misty, with


fog patches, but crucially it is the temperatures and it is a muggy


night. It will be a warm if not humid start to look the day and


that will set off thundery showers later in the day. It will still be


summary in Lincoln and East Yorkshire, but most of us will see


sunny spells, even if a bit hazy in places, but as the heat rises to


the day we start to see the thunderstorms developed. If you


want to escape the worst of the humidity head for the coast on


Wednesday and even though we have fresh conditions in the mid-


twenties, a lot of dry and bright weather with sunshine. In landed


good heat even 30 degrees. From London into the Midlands and


northern England we will see thunderstorms, some torrential.


Many will stay dry, and a dry and brighter day for Scotland with a


bit more in the way of warmth in the sunshine. For Northern Ireland,


a fine day, by and large. Hazy sunshine at times, but the sunny


spells will stern hazy across Wales and into the south-west as cloud


starts to spread. That will bring one or two lighter showers but most


of us will stay dry at this stage and it is still warm enough in the


hazy sunshine and temperatures in the low twenties. A muddy end to


Wednesday and a wet one across the south-west and in South Wales as


Terry Waite -- rain pushes him to take us into Thursday morning. It


is all and into the low pressure system which will govern the


weather through Thursday. The reason the front is so active is


the fresh air. They are trying to pushing behind, squeezing out the


yellows, the hot and humid weather at the moment. Backlash is a


symptom of what will be a pretty heavy rain period. The rain will be


heaviest across southern England with a risk of minor flooding


spreading into the eastern parts of England through the day. Away from


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