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Good evening. Whether you love it or loathe it, the current humid and


hot spell is coming to an end. Temperatures peaked across the


south-east and East Anglia at 30 Celsius, enough to set of


thunderstorms in East but changes are afoot. Behind the rain that


bearing cloud, there are fresher conditions, which will gradually


squeeze await the humid weather in the next 20 or 36 hours. A slow


process, so we have one last Monday night to come. The thunderstorms


across the East are easing but rain will develop in the West. Heaviest


in the south-west where it will be misty and foggy. The temperatures


in the morning will be a sticky start at 13 or 17 degrees in most


areas. Through the day we will gradually see cooler conditions


develop and with it we will see a bit of rain as well. Wetter


conditions along the south coast of England, particularly close to the


coastal zones and inland rain will be lighter and patchier but we


still have a humid area at this stage, with lots of Mr and low


cloud, with fog over the hills leading to a sub -- slovenly start.


Across Wales it will be drizzly with heavier pulses it rains, and


in the southern Scotland and a fairly cloudy start in Northern


Ireland but over Northern Ireland will be dry slots and across the


rest of northern Scotland. The north-east is drier and they could


beat sunshine peeking through the early-morning mist and low cloud.


Across eastern England, despite the misty start, mostly dry with a few


spots of rain that if you see sunshine break through the cloud


the temperatures will shoot up rapidly. Still quite unit at this


stage of the day. It will turn colder that -- still quite humid.


The heaviest rain limited to the south-east corner, and into London


and Essex, with pulses of heavy rain into eastern parts of England


and northern Scotland but southern Scotland, Northern Ireland, the


western fringes of England will brighten up after showers and while


it will feel fresher it will still be warm in the sunshine. At Calder


might take us into Friday. Most of us will have a dry and fine day,


and the August sunshine is strong enough to lift the temperatures to


the low twenties. As we go into the weekend, things will change. The


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