10/08/2011 BBC Weather


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Good evening. The South West wind may have brought the sunshine to


the south coast today, but it brought moisture to the hills


across north Wales and north west England.? Wet weather in Scotland.


There is a low moving weather front, it will be with us for some time.


The Met Office issued an amber warning of rain through central and


eastern Scotland. There could be surface flooding. It could lead to


rising river levels and flooding in further spots. Elsewhere thundery


bursts of rain in the west. Cooler across northern Scotland. Clearer


skies will begin the day. Much of Scotland, cloudy, wet and cool in


the wind. Amber warnings will be in place across eastern parts of


central Scotland. The rain will continue to fall. Patchier rain in


Northern Ireland after heavier bursts through the night. We have


lost the south-westerly wind across north west England, there could be


rain around. A wetter start in Wales and the South West compared


to today. Within that band of wet weather could be downpours. Showers


to start the day in the Midlands. South-east England stays dry. A


breeze, a hint of brightness. More cloud than we have been used to in


the past day. Further north breaks in the rain band, as will be the


case throughout. The rain is still there across Scotland throughout


the day. Further south the heavy rain across northern England, Wales


and the South West will push southwards and eastwards.


Brightening into the afternoon with a few showers. If you get the


sunshine you could hit 22 degrees, 23 degrees. Further north a little


cooler. The rain is there in southern Scotland and north-east


England tomorrow night. Friday, will be a cloudy, damp start. Rain


here and there. Brightens up in the east. Thicker rain clouds into the


west later. Before the day is through wet in much of Northern


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