11/08/2011 BBC Weather


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Good evening. After 4840 hours in central and southern Scotland, the


rain has finally eased. But there will be more arriving later


tomorrow and that could cause further problems. The ground is


saturated and it's not hard to see why. These places have had well


over double what we expected for an average August. And we're only a


third of the way through the month. Heavy rain across central and


southern Scotland and it fizzles out in the afternoon but still the


remnants providing damp conditions across northern England and south-


west Scotland. Drizzle elsewhere through Wales and south-west


England in particular. Turning misty but a war might across the


south. 15-16 but quite cold with clear skies in northern Scotland.


Most places, a thick layer of cloud. A dry morning but there is more


rain to come up moving in and it will first make its presence felt


across Northern Ireland, turning damp through the morning and the


rain moves into western Scotland and England and Wales through the


day. For central and eastern parts of England, it will be mostly


cloudy but I am optimistic will brighten up. Not so for the south-


west of England. A gloomy day. Most of the rain will be light but


nevertheless a damp afternoon at the same goes for Wales. Brightness


early on to the east of the hills. There may be a few dry bright


interludes across Northern Ireland late on in the day, but overall, a


grey and wet day here. The rain would increase through the day


through parts of Argyll and Bute in the Highlands, but some of it will


move through the central belt. Nor the Scotland having a brighter day


and it should feel warmer. The rain will arrive in Cumbria and


Lancashire but at least the Pennines, generally across central


and eastern parts of England, it will brighten up with a bit of


sunshine. Temperatures could easily get into the twenties. Warm and


humid. Some of the rain from the by the fund will cost England into


Scotland during the evening and overnight. It will turn into low-


pressure which will continue to dominate the weather this weekend.


A great start in eastern areas but as that clears, sunny spells was up


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