17/08/2011 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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The weather tomorrow has the potential to impact on travel or


outdoor plants you might have, but for the time being it is quiet out


there. A lot of dry weather and partly clear skies, some rain


developing in the English Channel will be mostly hold on to the dry


conditions with mist and fog and the skies are clearest in northern


England, Scotland and Northern Ireland and it will be a chilly


night for August. But after the dry and bright start to tomorrow there


is the potential for some of you to see it turn significantly wet as


the day goes on. Initially the wettest conditions will be confined


to the south-west and around Dorset and Hampshire. Some of the rain in


the morning extending as far north as the South Midlands. Much of the


south-east and East Anglia dry with hazy sunshine and a brighter


picture to begin with for the Midlands and further north. But


already parts of north-east England and central and eastern Scotland


will see the clouds building and after a reasonably bright start one


or two showers will develop. South West Scotland should be largely


clear and a good start with Northern Ireland with sunny spells


and only the odd shower through the day. Most of you will stay dry. The


son will be out across much of Wales with a cold start but already


Cardiff and Newport could see itch few spots of rain but you might be


clear what will be significant heavy rain spreading from the


south-west, through the Midlands and London and across to Norfolk


and Lincolnshire. North of that, the cloud will build and the


showers will be heavier and to the south-east, we can get 22 degrees


in Sussex and Kent with some sunshine. But this is for the


evening rush-hour. If your travel plans involve heading to the north


and west of London they could be surface water on the road, heavy


and persistent rain for four or five hours will be put in place and


across parts of north-east England and eastern and central Scotland


there will be clusters of thunderstorms which will not


blossom until the end of the afternoon and evening. These will


be slow-moving nature lasting into Thursday night and the potential


for one or two spots of minor flooding. But it will ease away


into Friday morning with a ridge of high pressure building and Mein --


most of us will be back to dry weather with hazy sunshine as the


cloud built in the West. Temperatures in the low twenties


the late from a cloud will thicken for Scotland and Northern Ireland


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