24/08/2011 BBC Weather


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Good evening. A wet wicket continues, heavy rain in places


tonight, and for the morning rush hour. A few of us will have some


sunshine coming through, but have the showers will never be too far


away, because low pressure is not far away, anchored to the West


today. You can see the swirls of cloud moving around the depression.


The area of cloud has got a bit whiter, because it is developing


and spreading rain into south-west England. It will affect parts of


eastern Wales, the Midlands and north-east England through the


night. We could see 20, 30, 40 mm of rain in sunspots. Dry conditions


further north. It will be a miserable rush-hour across much of


north-east England, down through Lincolnshire and much of the


Midlands. East Anglia will start dry, but the rain is moving


eastwards. Heavy rain in the London area, across Oxfordshire, first


drink. The south-west is getting the vain for the moment. By 8 am,


further showers. The showers well developed widely across Wales, but


many places could start a try with sunshine. Sunny spells with a


sprinkling of showers across Northern Ireland. Most of Scotland


will start dry. This area of brain slowly moves eastwards. Heavy rain


across East Anglia and the south- east. Parts of the North Sea coast


may stay well -- great and dumped into the afternoon. Then, sunshine.


Sunny spells further west, but also a lot of showers. It could be a wet


afternoon for Northern Ireland. Into Friday, another area of low


pressure looks like taking control, moving northwards up the North Sea.


Some uncertainty about the exact position, but it could be worked


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