25/08/2011 BBC Weather


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Chilly further north under clearing skies, seven in Glasgow, eight in


Belfast. After the down pours a lot of ploisure here. Things may turn


misty. Fog patches should clear. The showers will grow through the


day. As they will across Scotland. Here I fancy most places starting


dry, if a little bit chilly. Dry and bright to start the day too


through North West England. Down this eastern side, well, we are


expecting more rain. At the moment some of the heaviest down pours


likely across the extreme east and East Anglia and Kent. That rain


will move west as well. Some brighter skies are possible across


the south-west. Those thunder storms could rumble on, through the


morning. We keep the risk of thunder storms across south-west


England and parts of Wales throughout Friday. So it's looking


showery across the south-west. It's looking very wet across the east.


This area of rain is set to expand, maybe into parts of the Midlands


and inland across north-east England. Elsewhere sunny spells and


scattered showers. It might brighten up across the south-east


later in the day. With a bit of sunshine, we might reach 18 or 19


degrees. Where it stays wet on the East Coast it's feeling miserable


at 15 or 16 at the very best pt the rain clings to the East Coast, just


slowly drifting north during Friday night. It could be around through


the weekend, particularly across parts of Scotland, accompanied by a


strengthening wind. A miserable day across the far North East. Strong


winds elsewhere, breezy day with a scattering of showers. Some sunny


spells on Saturday. High pressure is trying to eek its way in. This


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