29/08/2011 BBC Weather


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Hello again. It should gradually warm up just a little over the next


few days. Boy does it need to. Temperatures today underneath the


cloud were nearer 13 or 14 in for example Aberdeen and Belfast.


Whilst we might add a couple of degrees tomorrow, you can see we're


some way off the average for this time of year. Tomorrow is going to


be another cool day and it's going to be bright rather than sunny,


because there will be a lot of cloud around. Bit morning,


temperatures will be down to eight or nine degrees widely. There'll be


showers overnight. Tomorrow morning looks like being quite cloudy in


Scotland with patchy light rain or drizzle. Cloudy for most of the day


in Northern Ireland. After morning sunshine in England and Wales,


cloud amounts will increase quickly, although most places will be dry.


For Scotland, it won't be as breezy tomorrow. One or two showers in the


north, becoming brighter in the afternoon. For northern England,


the best of the sunshine to the east of the Pennines. Showers for


North West England. Should stay dry through the Midlands, East Anglia


and the south-east. Quickly we see the cloud increasing. A lot of


cloud in the afternoon. A lot of sunshine today in Devon and


Cornwall. Tomorrow does look much more cloudy. We'll quickly see the


cloud come nooing Wales tomorrow and again, just like North West


England, there'll be one or two light showers filtering in off the


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