30/08/2011 BBC Weather


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Hello there, hard to believe that August started with a heatwave and


a temperature of 30 degrees. It has been different ever since. We have


seen spells of heavy rain, notibly in Scotland. This sum certificate


likely to be wetter than last summer and the coolest since 1993.


Over night it will be cool. Where we break the cloud we will see the


lowest temperatures, Scotland, northern England and across


southern parts of England and Wales. In these rural areas, temperatures


will be down to five degrees or so. Chilly start tomorrow. An


improvement tomorrow. The cloud will be thinner, skies will be


brighter, temperatures should be a little bit higher as well. Sunshine


in the morning in Scotland, mainly for the eastern side of the country.


Brighter skies and sunshine across northern England, after a chilly


start. It should be brightening up through the Midlands and East


Anglia as well, probably dry too. More sunshine across southern parts


of England. Sunny spells on Wednesday morning, south coast


doing well. A decent day for the far South West of England. If will


is sunshine in Wales in the morning it will be across the south of the


country. Dry in Northern Ireland. More cloud than sunshine. The best


of the sunshine will be in the morning. What happens is, as time


goes by, temperatures rise, the cloud develops and spreads out


limiting the sunshine by the afternoon. The cloud is thick


enough in Scotland to give showers. It will be brighter elsewhere.


Temperatures higher than today. Warmer for the north west of


England, a better day here than it has been for some time. Cloud


around on Thursday. It's thinner. The trend is for it to warm up day


by day. 20 degrees maybe 22 in the south-east. High pressure is


keeping it quiet. This weather front is coming our way. It will


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