05/09/2011 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Good evening. Plenty of weather coming in our


direction over the next few days. There will be cool, often wet and


often windy weather coming in our direction over the next few days


and just to get us in the mood, first on the conveyor-belt is a


deep area of low pressure and active fronts as well bringing a


lot of rain. There will be windy weather as well. Things going


downhill overnight tonight. The rain initially patchy and will turn


heavier and more persistent. Some places seeing over an inch of rain


which will cause problems and the wind picking up. Gales around


exposed places by tomorrow morning. Temperatures not too low with the


wind and the rain. It won't feel that clever out there as you step


out for your journey to work. A lot of rain around at 8am and the wind


as well could be perhaps a worse feature of the weather across


southern areas. If you have got a channel crossing, check with the


operator before you leave home. Very wet and windy to start the day


across the south-west of England, but it won't last all day. Drier


conditions will start to creep into Wales. The worst of the rain easing


off and the cloud will start to break up across the Irish Sea, a


hin of sunshine as we get into the morning. Don't be fooled because


showers will be ganging up out West. There will be outbreaks of rain


across Western Scotland in particular through the day. The


best of the brightness the further east. So as we go through the day,


the worst of the rain will clear away down towards the far south-


east of England will it will clear by mid-afternoon. Then some


brightness. Many of us seeing bright and breezy weather through


the afternoon. The showers will be a feature. Western Scotland getting


a buffeting. It will feel cool.


Cricket taking place a the Rose Bowl. Later on in the day things


will perk up. You can listen to the action on the radio. As we get into


Wednesday, we are into a run of brisk westerly winds. Showery winds


as well. Some heavy showers in the West. The best of the brightness


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