14/11/2011 BBC Weather


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Dull, dreary, dismal - all good ways to describe today's weather.


It was also chilly over those leaden skies. On Sunday, we reached


18 Celsius. This afternoon, many places have been struggling at just


eight or nine. A few places poked out from the cloud. But now that


cloud is spilling in across all of the UK. The cloud blasts through


the night, providing a bit of drizzle here and there. A bank and


misty autumn night. But temperatures should stay at five or


six degrees above freezing across the North. It adds up to a


disappointing start tomorrow. It will be dull first thing. But


tomorrow, I am more optimistic for better skies -- brighter skies.


Parts of Cumbria and western Scotland may see some blue skies.


But for many eastern areas, it will stay cloud. -- cloudy. Where it


brightens up across parts of the south-west, we should reach the


teens. But where it stays cloudy, we will be struggling to get much


above double figures. The western half of Wales will see some


sunshine. For Northern Ireland, it will be predominantly cloudy, but


we may get some blue sky in the north. Western Scotland should seek


some sunshine again and not so much fog around as there was today


through parts of the Great Glen. The eastern side of Scotland and


much of north-east England will be dull. And temperatures will be


struggling. A brighter day for parts of the Midlands, East Anglia


and the south-east. It will feel warmer with a bit more sunshine.


Temperatures are static at the moment, thanks to an area of high


pressure over Scandinavia. There will be rain in the south-west on


Wednesday. Elsewhere, it is generally dry. Again, whether it is


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