15/11/2011 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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with everything on the website. From all of us on the late team,


The cloud did break up a little bit more readily than we were expecting.


It's often the case when the weather patterns are static,


getting the detail right is rather tricky. That is definitely the case


at the moment. Weather patterns are static because we have a big area


of high pressure over Scandinavia keeping the weather fronts at bay.


We're between the two where the cloud comes and goes. The cloud


went today, but is coming back overnight. It's a cloudy, misty


night most places. Fog patches forming as well. Temperatures


generally staying in towns and cities 6 degrees above freezing. In


the far north-west, temperatures may dip to freezing with the cloud


and the mist, it will be cold. But some places will brighten up. Like


today, difficult to say where. Parts of West Wales and Cumbria and


north-west Scotland may see sunshine. There is the possibility


of the south-east and East Anglia brightening up. In the west,


however, I don't think it will brighten up. That weather front


finally starts to push in bringing rain into south-west Wales late in


the day. It will cloud over through Northern Ireland. Light drizzle


coming in for the evening. Across the north-west, we should get


sunshine. Perhaps just a hint brighter on the east coast later on.


Most of the east coast will be gloomy, as will much of the


Midlands. There is the possibility of East Anglia and the south-east


seeing the cloud break up. We may get a little bit of sunshine here.


That sunshine does make a difference. With a bit of Blue sky,


temperatures could reach 12-13 Celsius. We may see that in the


south-west. The weather front coming into Devon and Cornwall.


That could well pep up as it expands during the evening -


Northern Ireland into north-west England up into Scotland. As it


moves eastwards, the rain band does tend to fizzle out, but not much of


a rain band in the east where it has been a dry autumn. For most of


England and Wales, Thursday has promised a little bit more sunshine.


Rain may return to Northern Ireland later on, and temperatures still on


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