16/11/2011 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Celsius. That is it for us tonight. Have a very good night, bye-bye.


Heavy rain in places over night tonight. There hasn't been much of


that so far this month. The statistics for the first half of


November make for interesting reading, it has been very mild.


Little in the way of night-time frost. It has been dryer than usual


and sunner, particularly in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Not


so sunny in these areas over the next couple of days. There is rain


around tonight. South-east England and Wales and the train is tracking


northwards and it will stay soggy in Northern Ireland and drift that


rain into parts of western Scotland. Not much rain across central and


eastern areas, where it has been a dry year so far. With the cloud


around temperatures around five or six degrees. Thursday, for most


places, again, it will start cloudy. Generally, it will brighten up


through the day. Most of us will see autumn sunshine. For Wales and


South West England there should be sunny spells from the get go.


Brightening up nicely across much of England. East Anglia will take


most of the day before the cloud clears. Should brighten up in


Scotland. More rain into western Scotland for the afternoon. Damp in


Glasgow for the evening rush-hour. For most of the afternoon northern


England will see sunny spells. Parts of East Anglia and the south-


east may hang on it that cloud until about dusk. If it does


brighten up in London we could reach 14 with late sunshine. Sunny


spells across the South West of England. Cornwall the breeze will


pick up and the cloud will increase through the afternoon. Same for the


West Coast of Wales. The breeze will increase and cloud will spill


back in here. It turns cloudy and wet across Northern Ireland it gets


gusty. The winds are a feature of the weather Thursday night and


Friday. Rain on Friday for western Scotland, Northern Ireland, maybe


western fringes of England and Wales. Most of England and Wales


will be bright and breezy. With sunshine we could reach 15 degrees.


The mild air will remain into the weekend, high pressure to the east.


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