17/11/2011 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Good evening. It is a mild weekend in prospect. Otherwise, there will


be variety in weather conditions across the UK. You can see where


the rain cloud is right now. It is in western parts of the UK.


Scotland will have a wet night in the West. The winds will be less


strong further east. Temperatures down to four degrees in East Anglia


but generally temperatures well above freezing. Not too much in the


way of mist and fog. Tomorrow starts of cloudy and damp in north-


western areas. There will be a lot of regional variation. It is a


better story for most of England and Wales. Dampness will clear away


in the west coast. It will be fine with sunshine in mid-afternoon


across the UK. Temperatures responding to the sunshine. Across


the south-west, where it may start off grey and damp, things will dry


up and brighten up in the afternoon. It will be breezy out West. Some


sunshine to compensate. Across the Irish Sea, in Belfast there will be


some brightness but rain clouds further west. A complicated picture


for Scotland. Wet-weather for Southern Uplands and Highlands and


around the Moray coast it could be fine and warm. It stays mild for


most of us this weekend but a lot of variation across the country. If


you are stuck under this weather front on Saturday, it will be a


damp to, particularly for parts of Northern Ireland. Rain at times.


For the rest of the UK, mostly dry. The cloud reluctant to clear from


north-east England. Temperatures doing pretty well. On to Sunday,


the weather front is still there. Another said to fronts coming in


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